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  1. On the production box I bring the system down install the drive boot set it to the missing drive and check the box yes I want to format this drive and click format on the menu in unraid. I did the same thing with a different box and thumbdrive, I used 2 drives 1 party and one data and it formatted. I took it out and moved the drive to the production box and it won't format. I have tried moving it all around the chasis.
  2. So I had a bad drive. Bought a new 2 tb drive shut down the system put it in started and ran preclear. then ran format drive. It failed. I then tried it woth a second one it failed, thirdn failed also. It that point I took the 3 new 2tb drive put them in a new system started unraid from a second thumbdrive and it built the system out. Formatted the 2 drives and set the 3rd to parity. I have a norco 4224 and have moved the drives all around with no luck. Any suggetions? syslog.doc
  3. Thank Pengrus, I actually just changed that one setting before taking a snapshot of the log. I will change it back, but that was not the issue.
  4. I have System: Supermicro - X9SCL/X9SCM CPU: Intel® Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz - 3.1 GHz Cache: 128 kB, 512 kB, 3072 kB Memory: 8192 Module (max. 32 GB) Network: eth0: 1000Mb/s - Full Duplex UnRaid version 5.0 I am using windows 7, and 8 Everytime I try and copy or move a large file (more than 1gig) it fails with error error 0x8007003B I have rebuilt the unraid from scratch this past weekend. I have tried several different windows boxes to copy from. no luck syslog-2013-10-28_1.txt
  5. having issues getting to unraid main. I can get to unmenu just fine. I have an error below. Aug 13 08:17:41 BRONAS05 kernel: emhttp[1212]: segfault at 6461742c ip b74bca6d sp bfba3bb0 error 4 in libc-2.11.1.so[b7479000+15c000] (Errors) Been gone a week on vacation and now I cannot get into unraid and shares seem to be having issues. Any help would or advise. I have tried updating to rc5 but it will not take. I can not get into unmenu or unraid main. syslog-2012-08-13.txt
  6. looking at the cable the prt # reads 79576-3005 and it should read 3002. Looks like it may be a forward cable. I have already ordered 2 new norco's from new egg and a AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCI to start adding more drives. Again thanks for the help. I did not think to look at the cable # until this. Just assumed:)
  7. Thanks guys for the info. I will try it when I get to work Monday.
  8. No HBA. It goes from hard drive to backplane to breakout cable (8087) to sata ports on MB.
  9. So I have picked up a new Norco 4224 case and SUPERMICRO MBD-X9SCM-O MB along with a NORCO C-SFF8087-4S Discrete to SFF-8087 and 2 2tb wdears. I have built the system and connected everything. I am using 5.14b unraid. When booting up the bios does not see the hard drives. I have reset the bios to factory default. I have tried moving drives to different backplane. Only when I pull the drives and connect directly to the MB does the bios and unraid see them. Any thoughts? Syslog.txt
  10. Has anyone used or been able to load backup exec 2010 agent onto Unraid? Looking to backup to tape. I can config backup exec to see unraid via ip and disk/user shares but it thinks it is a windows box and is slow. Looking to install backup exec agent onto unraid.
  11. tried to access shares via win7 this morning. Received inaccessible disk. Drives were spun down. Went to spin up drives first. Spun up ok Went to linux mint machine was able to access shares. Reload samba config and had to disconnect shares in win7 then remap drives. OK now. Syslog.txt.zip
  12. I am seeing the below message every ten seconds. I attached a syslog, and it full of this. Nov 27 08:37:35 UnRaid kernel: mdcmd (44712): spindown 0 Nov 27 08:37:35 UnRaid kernel: mdcmd (44713): spindown 1 Nov 27 08:37:35 UnRaid kernel: mdcmd (44714): spindown 2 Nov 27 08:37:35 UnRaid kernel: mdcmd (44715): spindown 3 Nov 27 08:37:35 UnRaid kernel: mdcmd (44716): spindown 4 Syslog.txt.zip
  13. installed 5.0b14 last night everything looked good this morning. Spundown and back up no problem. I have a LSI1068 controller working ok. Went to sleep fine. Was testing user shares and 2 of 7 are not accessible. Tested under win7 and linuxmint. Restarted samba still no. Restarted unraid still no. attached is syslog. P.s. Also showing last parity check 15305 days ago. Reran new permissions utility. Looks like that might have worked. Will test on files/folders. Syslog.txt.zip
  14. Tried booting from beta13 and received this error error: Divide by 0 at E689:7DFF. This is on a fujitsu RX300 S3 LSI SAS1068 controller. Used paid UnRaid Pro license thumbdrive with the 2 new files copied to it. Powered down put in the old thumb drive V4.7 and booted back up ok. Any thoughts or help? Would like to be able to spindown drives.
  15. I have version 4.7 unraid Intel® Xeon CPU 3.73GHz 5 2tb drive plus 2 tb parity. I have unmenu installed. Using a windows xp sp3 machine i have a mapped drive to a shared folder. When I go into exlplorer and right click a folder to rename the pc locks up and reboots. It works fine in windows 7. This is in a company enviroment so I can not upgrade the machine to win 7. The iunraid was setup for a group of users working with large files (5 users).