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  1. Bumping to see if anyone has any input. Thanks!
  2. Good day! I have a question about the order that rsync does things. I can share my rsync commands if needed. I'm hoping this is a simple question :) When I run an rsync between my main and backup Unraid servers, I noticed as I got lower on space that if I was doing a large sync, it would fill up one drive on the backup server rather than respecting my split levels. What I think I observed is that rsync starts off by creating all of the empty directories, so technically, Unraid is respecting my split level settings, but since all of the directories got configured before the files inside them, they aren't given a chance to split to other drives. Is there a way to have rsync create one directory and it's files/sub directories at a time? I've resorted to performing a copy/paste from my Windows workstation between each Unraid share as this appears to one directory at a time, therefore actually moving to a new disk as it hits the split level settings. Make sense? If I'm doing small backups, no big deal, but if I end up with a TB of data, it can cause issues if rsync sticks it all on one disk instead of allowing unraid to divvy files up. Thanks in advance!
  3. So even with SSL, still not recommended? I'll check out OpenVPN. I had installed the client, but I'm assuming for this it would be OpenVPN AS, right?
  4. Hello all! Fairly new Unraider here. I just upgraded to 6.5 and setup the SSL certificate. I'm able to access my server successfully internally on my network, with the old hostname or the new string of numbers, so it appears to be working. I attempted to forward port 443 from my router to my server (I had previously done this for temporary access over port 80 without issue), but I can't seem to access it via the long string or just my public IP prefixed with https://. Is there something else I would need to do to access externally? Other ports involved? Thanks in advance!