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  1. My server has been crashing on me. I put a new PSU in a few months ago and it's been fine a for while and now it's going down a lot. I got it to complete a parity check the other day but now it won't stay on for long. I got it up and running and typed in: tail /var/log/syslog -f > /boot/taillog.txt I've attached a screenshot and a diagnostics zip. The ip address in the screenshot is my phone. Not sure why. Can anyone highlight for me what's happening? Thanks tower2-diagnostics-20190407-2352.zip
  2. Took the server to work and sat it in my office. Ran parity fine and stayed on for over 24 hours. Put it back in the garage now the temp has risen and so far so good.
  3. Could it be because it's in my garage and it's been abnormally cold recently?
  4. My server keeps crashing. It went offline the other day. I didn't have a monitor to check the screen or do anything. I turned it off and back on again. Parity check started. By the next day the server had gone down again. I did the same again, parity check started with an eta of 12-13 hours. I also turned on Fix Common Problem troubleshooting. About 13 hours later it had gone down again. I've now got it sent up with a monitor. I've ran memtest through a couple of passes without an error. I've attached some logs/files. Can anyone see whats going wrong? FCPsyslog_tail.txt tower2-diagnostics-20190202-1138.zip syslog.txt
  5. My array is stopped. How do I resync the parity drive?
  6. I've tried the email settings before but I can never get it past the "Test" phase and get it to work. That being said I will this time.
  7. Both drives are back and have no issues via smart report. Disk1 is back in the array as normal. Parity1 is still saying disabled. Do I need to do a new config? Will that effect the rebuilding of Disk5?
  8. Okay thanks. Will it not matter that it has wrote errors to parity1? Won't Disk5 be rebuilt from parity1?
  9. I checked on my server last night to see how much free space I had and one of the disks was disabled and being emulated (Disk5). The error pointed to a possible cable issue. I shutdown the server, reseated the cables for Disk5 and rebooted. This morning I removed Disk5 from the array, started the array, stopped the array and re-enabled Disk 5 and started up again. The array started and the contents started being reconstructed. I'm at work 2 hours later and I check how it's going. One of my parity drives is now disabled and Disk1 has millions of errors on it. See pic I must have disturbed the other cables when I was sorting Disk5 (idiot). I immediately stopped the sync. I'm guessing I've lost the contents of Disk5? What do I do next? tower-diagnostics-20181210-0909.zip
  10. It doesn't wake at a consistent time, it's all over the place. That's a good point, if I tell it to sleep and drops off the network and then later reappears if it wakes up by itself or I wake it. What else should I be doing?
  11. Is there no command i can type in terminal that tells me what it was? Like for windows: powercfg -lastwake
  12. I've had my server sleeping okay for a while now. Just recently it's started waking up and I don't know what is doing it. How do nail down what is causing it?
  13. Well I think I sussed it. I unplugged my SAS cables (connecting 8 of the 16 drives). Started it up and went to the BIOS. Selected boot device and order without an issue. Booted into unRAID. Shut it down, plugged SAS cables back and it and now it auto boots.