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  1. Seems to work now after removing the USB key and reinserting.
  2. Actually even if I disconnect both connected drives to the addon card, it goes directly to the Loading Operation System... screen and it stays stuck there.
  3. I do have an addon card to handle all these drives but there's been no change in the setup since 2 months ago, replaced drive. I am pressing any key combination and same result. I don't see any way to ignore it. What about within the RAID utility, if I delete the RAID?
  4. Hi guys, today I executed the update from 6.7.2 to 6.8.2. Installed perfectly, it asked to reboot, I did and now I'm stuck passed the boot splash screen at "Loading operating system...". No other modification was made. I have already confirmed the USB key is still the first boot device. I have a total of 8 drives which worked perfectly under 6.7.2. I noticed that right after the splash screen I'm getting a RAID message about no valid devices, see screenshots. In the RAID utility I have 2 drives listed, not sure I should be having a RAID setup at all. Thanks in advance.
  5. That worked out great. Thanks for your help guys.
  6. After dropping the cache min size to 5GB, setting all shares to No and executing the mover there appears to be no change. The cache is still filled the same as before.
  7. Thanks! Saw that last night but wasn't really sure what that did. I'll give it a try tonight. Makes sense. So instead of the default 20GB I could drop it to 5GB and set appdata and downloads to use cache yes. I guess I should not move plex data to /mnt/cache as that will fill it up.
  8. Only appdata and Downloads had cache set to yes or only. I can see how that could be a problem but I figured cache should clear itself within 24h. I since switched them. I also moved radarr, sonarr, sabnzbd on /mnt/cache, plex is still on /mnt/user. How do I clear the cache drive?
  9. Hi guys first post. I'm loving Unraid but I'm getting issues this week. I have Plex with Parity, 2 drive cache pool of 120GB. Ever since I started recording with Plex I'm getting no space in Plex and now it won't play anything. I'm getting Failed to commit transaction (../Playlists/PlayQueueRequestHandler.cpp:123) (tries=1): Cannot commit transaction. database or disk is full in the Plex logs. Also common fix is saying my cache is full "All writes to your cache enabled shares are being redirected to your array. If this is a transient situation, you can ignore this, otherwise adjust your cache
  10. I mean the LeGrand structured media panel: I need something small and that doesn't need too much venting. I saw the Fractal Design Node202 but still a bit big to fit. I have 2 switches, router, modem.
  11. I'm currently running a Win7 PC with a few drives and a TV Tuner card. I want to move this setup in my IT cabinet 14x30 so I will need something that does not produce much heat and is very small. I thought of Raspberry PI since I already have 2 but it'll be fast enough. I use the NAS for backups and media. I could also replace the 5 drives I have with newer 2-3TB. Is there another type of micro computer that would fit my need?