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  1. Yes I have rebooted multiple times. Could this possible be a hardware/cable issue?
  2. I am sorry I do not understand the question.
  3. Precleared a brand new drive. Added lots of data to the machine and the disk is now disabled. Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Extended offline Completed: read failure 70% 211 20836536 # 2 Extended offline Completed: read failure 40% 207 20836536 # 3 Short offline Completed without error 00% 201 - See SMART log What do I do next? WDC_WD60EFRX-68L0BN1.txt
  4. I have 23 drives, 21 are Reiserfs 42TB and 2 XFS 6TB. 9TB free over all the drives. Is there any process that makes sense to convert these disks?
  5. Yes of course. Been running this machines for years now. Maybe 5. Just happened again and after a day of it not "coming back" I need to kill the machine.
  6. Has anyone found a fix for machines in this state? One of my unRAID machines is having the same issue
  7. See image. What are the two top processes and why are they running at 100%? How can I get the machine back to normal running order safely? Is it safe to kill those top two PIDs?
  8. You are right. I was just thinking for users that may have this same issue unRAID can warn you have the same things created but in different case. HTTP and AFP were non responsive. I think I saw out of memory messages in the video too. Anyways i think this should solve the issues. Thanks all. Maybe this should be a plugin installed by default?
  9. So it looks like these may be the problems. To bad the interface doesn't disallow or alert the user when trying to create a share with the same spelling but different case. I am not sure how some of those happened. I'll work on these and see what happens.
  10. If you want to move it sure go ahead. This only started recently in the last couple of weeks. Before then I have not seen this. This machine as been running unRAID for 5+ years now. It would be nice to know how to properly stop the array from local console as before I reboot it again.
  11. Description: About 24 hours or so after this unRAID machine being turned on it is inaccessible via anything but SSH. To me it appears SMBD has gone haywire. How to reproduce: Reboot the machine. After about 24 or so hours the machine will become inaccessible again except via SSH. See video (recorded using iPhone Slo-mo mode 240 FPS)
  12. Understood but it was very odd that there is no warning that the cache drive will be formatted. The drive appeared to be RAW even though it wasn't. What is the benefit of this BTRFS for unRAID?
  13. A rebooted did not change the issue. Selecting the cache drive and selecting none and reselecting the drive changed the cache FS to auto. Started the array and all is well. Very odd behavior.
  14. Updated from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1. I did not start the array after the reboot. Changed array slots from 24 to 22 and cache from 1 to 2. Doing this only to see options for additional cache slots. Now I see the cache drive FS is btrfs and not reiserfs. I start the array and you know the rest, I have an option to format the cache drive. How do I undo what happened? Or at least mount the drive to recover the data? I am surprised this happened.