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  1. While trying to figure this out I looked at the XML for my VM and noticed there was an extra line in the NVME passthru bit. I removed that line and it's working correctly now. The line I removed was: <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x06' function='0x0'/> I originally copy/pasted the XML from the first part of this post and just changed the bus. The only thing I can think of was that after I installed Windows and the virtio drivers I used the form view to remove the ISO's and that line got inserted when I saved.
  2. I added an NVME drive using a PCIE adapter and it showed up as a drive in unRaid. I then created a new Windows 10 VM and edited the XML to pass through the NVME controller to the VM and installed Windows 10 directly to the NVME drive. The problem comes when I start the VM after it has been shut down. I have to do it twice, the first time always fails. There are no errors in the log, but there is a warning on both the failed and successful attempts to start the VM. Tower kernel: nvme nvme0: failed to set APST feature (-19) [Start VM Try #1] Apr 26 16:22:55 Towe
  3. I should point out that I'm probably being picky. I can get it work work, just not how I want. I got the same result, but I don't want ports open that I'm not using (`66 thru `70) and I'd like one additional port that's not in the range (19132). I'm new to both unRaid and dockers and I've learned a lot playing around with this. I'm OK with using MineOS in a VM instead of a docker.
  4. I don't plan on running the docker in a VM, I plan on installing the application and configuring the ports myself. The application doesn't have a UI to configure ports, you have to use iptables. If possible, I would use either the clowrym or hexparrot MineOS Node docker from CA, with networking set to Custom : br0 to get its own IP and have only three ports open (8443, 19132 and 25565). With no way to SSH into the docker I don't believe that is possible without a creating my own docker.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's what I was thinking after doing some more reading and testing. It confused me to see 7 open ports on the list when I tried to set only 3 (or zero). But I think those open ports are coming from the docker, which gets it from the dockerfile with the EXPOSE line. I don't believe I can have the 3 specific ports I want open while using br0 without creating my own docker. I decided to use a VM instead.
  6. Whether I add, remove or change port settings for a docker, those settings are ignored when the network type is set to Custom : br0. Instead, the Port Mappings are always shown as set to the defaults like I didn't make the edits. I've tried with multiple different dockers with the same results. If the network type is changed to Bridge my port edits show up correctly under Port Mappings. Is that how it is supposed to work? Am I missing something?