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  1. I never did find a solution, pretty much gave up at this point and just working around it until I can find the time to rebuilt my gaming/main desktop that is having the issue.
  2. Ya I'm not in a hurry to reinstall windows from scratch, it can get to other shares on the network just fine. And it was literally just done a month or two ago. I will give the driver reinstall a try.
  3. What’s mind boggling to me is that another windows 10 box works just fine. I’m a Sysadmin for a living so this shouldn’t be this hard.
  4. I hadn't checked that before. It was still on as was file and print sharing. I tried turning them off, saving and then turning them back on, no change. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. I'm having issues being able to see any of the shares on my unraid server on my Windows 10 Desktop. I've view dozens of forum posts on here and can't seem to find anything that works. This is after a wipe and reinstall to fix issues I was having with Windows 10. Here are the bullet points and what I've done so far: - Other Windows 10 computers can see and edit just fine. I've got a Windows 10 VM on another server that works just fine and it did so right from a fresh install. - The Windows 10 machine that can't, won't even let me see the shares, when I double click on the host name "Tower" it gives me "Windows cannot access \\Tower" Then it says "The network path was not found" Error Code 0x80070035 - I've tried browsing to the IP and to the Host name in windows explorer with the same result. - I've turned off Windows defender ransomware protection - Not running any other AV or firewall. I've turned off Windows firewall as well. - Hooked up through Ethernet and verified it's set to "Private Network" not Public - I can ping the Unraid server and after turning on SMB v1 in Windows, I can see it when I browse the network in Windows Explorer - I can use remote desktop to get to another server just fine and view other network resources - I've tried rebuilding permissions on the Unraid box with the "New Permissions" tool - I can browse to the WEB gui on the windows 10 machine that can't view the shared folders. - Set SMB settings Local Master to "Yes" - Cleared all credentials in the Credential Manager - Verified both the Windows 10 box and Unraid both are set to the exact same workgroup - Windows is fully updated to 1803 build - Unraid is updated to 6.5.3 - Tried changing the Workgroup name on the unraid server, it's set back to just the default "WORKGROUP" now - Tried turning off SMB and Turning it back on - Full reboot of the Unraid server I've attached the diagnostics log file. Thanks for any help you can provide tower-diagnostics-20180827-1615.zip
  6. Added this: ntlm auth = yes to the extra SMB config rebooted and all fixed. Thanks for the help!
  7. Ok, thanks I will give those a try.
  8. I've had my Unraid server for over a year now. I've always had my main media share set to public. Wanting to have it a bit more secure I went to set it to private and add users. For some reason I couldn't get the users to authenticate consistently and was having issues with permissions. I set the folder back to public and still can't connect to it from my Windows 10 computer. I've run the permission repair tool on "all drives" and the "media shares" folder I have setup. It still won't let me connect to it and even the root username and password won't work. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks.