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  1. Unfortunately, the heatsink + aircooler (PHM) doesn't allow me to point it "up", it can be either left or right, but what I could do is following your suggestion of installing a couple of ring fans at the top to exhaust the warm air from there. That will do it. It's like you said, perfection is impossible but that should be the best I can with the components I have, to drive the hot air out of the chassis. The good thing is that the chassis is a Tempered Glass 91 RGB from ThermalTake, full modular. It's a gigantic freaking case. You can install an insane amount of chassis fans, top
  2. Sorry about that. Here I attached the same picture, with some arrows showing how I had it before I removed the one in the right. So yea, the left one looks good to me, the one I need to rotate 180 degrees is the right one to point to the same direction as the left one, so all the air should be exhausted to the rear of the chassis. In the front there are 3 rings that should get the intake. I will try using Artic Silver 5 instead of the pad, I just got a message from supermicro customer support and they are not selling the thermal pad separately. So I will try
  3. Hello SSD, Got a quick question for you since you seem very experienced building servers. To give a little bit of background for my question, I started building my new workstation rig which it has similar components to your server, but instead of mounting the X11DAI-N in a server rack, I mounted it in a Tower Chassis. I'm also a beginner building workstations or dealing with pc parts, so that it's stressing me out. I attached 2 pictures for reference. So I built and installed the PHM, SNK-P0070APS4 with a Xeon Silver 4114 (10-cores) following the instructions