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  1. thanks a lot! that's good help! I will start to check for a good pc to start my project
  2. Hi! I am from Quebec, Canada and english is not my primary language so I will do my best lol! I am very interested in building a unraid system for my home office and the forum seem a good place to start with all the knowledge you have! The goal is to replace a simple 2 bay buffalo nas to something more reliable, customizable! I want 8-12tb capacity, and maybe run a teamspeak server for gaming with friends, and maybe plex to stream to my tv. My main question is: You seem to prefer custom built machine for unraid...but I have access to all sort of used workstation and tower server for ridiculous prices...all the line of dell precision Txxxx, hp Zxxx, dell T310, T410 Do you recommend any of these workstation or it's all crap for unraid and I should build my own for double the money? thanks for the help, and I can't find the search forum function...is there one? Steve!