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  1. But it looks like the pre-clear process is going to take 11 hours which seems really long. As long as I don't mess everything up I will run mover and start up all the Dockers. THANKS again to everyone that helped me out!
  2. Great, thanks! Will my server be accessible for applications such as Plex etc while the new 8TB drive is being formatted and brought online?
  3. Ok, installed new SSD to be used for cache as well as a new 8TB drive to add to array. I formatted the new Cache SSD and that went very quickly. The new 8TB drive is being cleared, then I assume it will be added to the array. Can I run Mover and restart Dockers while the new 8TB drive is being cleared and has not yet mounted?
  4. BIG THANKS! That appears to have cleared it. Am I ok to change out the cache drive now?
  5. I want to be sure I clearly understand. I am changing the cache drive. So it is OK for me to take it out now even though there is the System file on it? When I put the new Cache drive in, do I need to manually copy the System file back over or will mover do it for me? Thanks
  6. I do not run any VMS. Do I type each one of those in on the command line directly on the server or where do I do this? Are you looking for the reaction to me typing these into the command line?
  7. OK, I did it. Now under System, there are three disks listed: Cache - 22.5GB Disk 1 - 22.5GB Disk 11 - 22.5GB What do I do now?
  8. Still shows a system folder in the cache. Should I just copy it over to a drive, then replace the cache disk, then copy it back over to the new cache disk?
  9. Ok, I followed the directions I found here: I have a question on #5: 5. When the Mover finishes, check that your Cache drive is empty. Any files in the root will not be moved as they are not part of any share. You can ignore any empty folders and Recycle Bin folders, and temporary and trash files, but if there is anything else that you want saved, now is the time! Copy it to a safe place, such as on an array drive. When I checked my cache drive after running Mover, there was one file left on the drive: System (ther
  10. Now I need to upgrade my cache drive and add another 8TB drive to my array. Is this the proper way to do so? Will I need to do any manual set-up of the new cache, or will it be plug and play if I follow there directions? My plan is to remove the old cache drive and ply the new one into the same cable. Also, when the system is powered down, can I just add the new 8TB drive? Thanks
  11. It appears to have come back up and the apps are back. I need to play with it a while to be sure everything is working and I will reply. Thank you to all that have helped through this process.
  12. ok, tried to put in "root" as user name. Then just hit enter when it asked for password. That didn't work. Then I followed the direction you provided and deleted "passwd" "shadow" and "smbpasswrd" Plugged the flash back into the server and booted up. It again asked me for user name, I typed in "root", then left PW black and clicked enter. This is what it looks like:
  13. Thanks for this. Reformatted the flash drive, used the unraid USB Creator. Then copied my Config Folder over from "Unraid (D:) it asked it I wanted to overwrite files, I said yes. It appears to boot up, then it asks me to KrumsMedia Login: and Password:. I have tried every conceivable combination that I normally use but all are incorrect. Without the correct log-in and PW, am I dead in the water?