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  1. I love how easy it is to self host many applications. i would love to have the ability to route some selected dockers through VPN natively (not the entire unraid itself)
  2. there are no error though, my Plex server can see the NVIDIA GPU just fine but i doesn't like it when i tried to pass the iGPU (8700k CPU)through with the NVIDIA drive install using the plugin. I also tried to pass the iGPU to HandBrake and same thing. it doesn't see the iGPU. after i removed the NVIDIA driver using the plugin. Handbrake and Plex can now see the iGPU. it might be an error on my end but there are no error that actually come up
  3. Apparently, after you install NVIDIA driver for Unaid, we cannot pass iGPU to a docker anymore. i was thinking of using my NVIDIA GPU for Plex and iGPU for Handbrake but i cannot pass the iGPU though. After reinstall stock 6.6.6, iGPU passthough is now working again. Is there away to use iGPU while using this plugin? maybe i was missing something
  4. i have some custom DNS blacklists and Whitelists. it must have messed with the plugin somehow
  5. you are right. i disabled Pi-hole and it's all good now. it's a DNS issue. thanks
  6. for some reason, when i tried installing nvidia driver for unraid 6.6.6, i got this error "Checking SHA 256's: failed!". is it a bug or is there a solution for it?
  7. i am having the same issue. I thought it has something to do with my Pihole but i disabled Pihole and it still happning