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  1. Hi All, Recently my Unraid server has been crashing every week or so, UI doesn't load and I can't access my VM. Unfortunately I believe unraid deletes logs on boot so I am not sure how to troubleshoot this? All I have to go on is the below screenshot of the console output state that it is currently hung in. Is anyone able to decipher what this might be? Thanks
  2. Is anyone able to help shed light on this? br7 and br6 come back after a reboot and I have no idea why?
  3. More developments... Managed to delete br7 and br6 and setup a default route for br0. Great. Reboot - br7 and br6 come back, default route disappears ☹️ I'm doing all these changes in terminal. Any ideas how to make them stick?
  4. Right I've got a bit further I think....! It seems the host was trying to route through br7 randomly (an old bridge interface that I had removed all interfaces from, but apparently hadn't deleted the bridge itself?) So having done ifconfig br7 down, it's gotten rid of that interface. Now when I ping from terminal I get a reply saying network unreachable, rather than a host unreachable reply from the br7 address. Presumably I need to add a route back in, in order to get everything to route through the correct interface again, which I think I've done, but still having no joy. Attached a screenshot of my routing table. Also attached is screenshots of the br configs. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply - I've always found unraid networking a little tricky to understand. I did actually disable 4 of my NICs a while ago to try and simply the whole thing (and they don't show up in the GUI settings page anymore, but looks like they are still doing something?) I'm struggling to follow your advise above, are you able to point in the right direction of achieving this? Thanks
  6. There is only the option to add DNS to the first interface From the config files it does seem to be complicated. However looking at the config in the GUI it looks simple. My network setup should be: Management Interface eth0 2nd Management Intrface eth1 Docker br interface VM br interface Which is what I have setup in the GUI. For some reason ping requests from the terminal respond from, which in the logs is assigned to docker0 I really don't understand whats going on!! I can't access community Apps, and can't search for OS updates from the GUI I don't understand how this has just suddenly changed without any config changes from myself....
  7. Thanks for the reply - no my DHCP pools sit way outside the static IPs I use
  8. Hi all, Have been away for a few weeks so not been on my server for a while. Just got back and everything on the host interface inc unraid itself can't seem to access the internet. Nothing has changed network wise, and DNS is still set correct to Dockers and VMs using br interfaces can access the internet fine. Can ping my router from the the cmd line but can't ping Diags attached. Any clues? Thanks hellard-server-diagnostics-20190715-2209.zip
  9. Thanks - have tried stopping everything and the parity check speed has jumped back up again - and CPU usage is back to normal. Still no idea why CPU and mem usage are so high with dockers started (everything just seems to grind to a halt) - I'm only running one VM, and a handful of dockers on a pretty powerful xeon...
  10. I've never had this before - I constantly write to some drives as CCTV is being recorded, so can't really stop that
  11. Hello, Seem to be having quite a few issues with my Unraid Install. It started after my cache drive filled. It refused to empty (mover did nothing) so I removed both cache devices and re-formatted, and then re added into the array. Ever since then I've been having CPU spikes and Dockers are sometimes not responding (UniFi Video is failing to record to disks on some occasions). At the same time, a parity check last week found 776 errors. Parity check is running again now, but only at about 2MB/sec. I have attached diag logs. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? Thanks hellard-server-diagnostics-20190620-1057.zip
  12. Thanks for the reply, I did try to use another client, but it won't let me connect (refuses the connection) during the ubuntu setup
  13. Hi, I am trying to setup an Ubuntu VM, but I can't get past the install stages because when trying to type a computer name/username the VNC viewer seems to register about 15 keyboard strokes for every keyboard press. I have tried an old Ubuntu disk too, and the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work properly (keyboard was doing the same, and the mouse wouldn't click anything) Using NoMachine didn't help either (and obviously can't use nomachine for the install) Any ideas? Thanks
  14. I know its not recommended, I am currently waiting to order an HBA. Side note, my array is now showing as total size of 4TB and I cannot start any dockers because there is apparently no space.... I have no idea whats going on
  15. Hello, I have a 16 drive array (made up of 8x4TB drives presented as an HBA, and 8x 2TB drives, presented to UnRaid as 8x 2TB Raid0 drives, as they are on a perc 6/i controller) I have just noticed two of the 2TB drives have gone down, one simply says it is missing (not installed), and the other says it is disabled with content emulated. I have two Parity disks. I am not sure why two drives have (presumably) failed at once? I have uploaded the diagnostics file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks hellard-server-diagnostics-20180511-1344.zip