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  1. Still having the issue with windows not being able to access the server. I was looking over the plugin support page for UD and was curious if I have to use a script or something in order to mount the two failing disks I have, or is that for something different and I just have to add the disks?
  2. I tried that but it still gives the same error.
  3. Status Update! 1. The array is protected and back online 2. I've upgrade to v6 it's so pretty O_O 3. I've had an issue with windows not being able to access the serve in explore from the network tab, I get a 'path could no be found' error. However I can access the server if I type out it's ip address \\ This kind of a problem because I can't get some programs to access the server either since it tries to use the servers name (e.g \\Hive) 4. I guess I need to use UD to see if I can pull files from the failed drives, but I'm not sure what exactly to do since I'm new to this v6 world ^^
  4. I think I'll upgrade before I add them in, does that seem like a better idea?
  5. Success the parity is doing it's thing, and everything seems good. When I add the replacement drives how do I go about preclearing them or do I not have to? It's been so long.
  6. Do I reboot after I do the initconfig in console?
  7. It won't let me start it since those disks are missing.
  8. So how do I do that? There aren't many option on the main page and I don't have a utils tab.
  9. I removed the failing drives and have all the good drives connect, but I'm not getting an option to make a new array. All it says is "Invalid Configuration" "Too many wrong and/or missing drives. Is it possible that removing the two failing drives was one too many? I know v4.7 is a tad nutty.
  10. Well I'm getting replacement drives later today. I guess I'll remove disk5 (it didn't have anything on it anways) and rebuild the array with the good disks for now. Would it be wise to update after the new array is up so I can deal with the failed drives?
  11. The main page won't refresh and I can't seem to get access to it at all. Should I just force the server to shut down?
  12. Is there a way to get the smart report without having to power down and plug the flash drive into another computer? NVM Figured it out. They array won't stop so I can shut it down. After waking up the monitor to do the smart report this is flashing on the screen: REISERFS error (device md5): -vs13070 reiserfs_read_locked_inode: i/o failure occured trying to find stat data of {30 172 0x0 SD]
  13.'s an interesting development. I'm guessing it's like the hitachi so should I just remove that along with the other two failing drives?