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  1. Posting this for the next person to find this thread:
  2. Single parity, 6.8.3. I've seen your prior quote: " Follow the instructions below carefully and ask if there's any doubt. -Tools -> New Config -> Retain current configuration: All -> Apply -Check all assignments and assign any missing disk(s) if needed, like old disk1 -Important - After checking the assignments leave the browser on that page, the "Main" page. -Open an SSH session/use the console and type (don't copy/paste directly from the forum, as sometimes it can insert extra characters): ``` mdcmd set invalidslot 1 29 ``` -Back on the GUI and without refreshing the page, just start the array, do not check the "parity is already valid" box (GUI will still show that data on parity disk(s) will be overwritten, this is normal as it doesn't account for the invalid slot command, but they won't be as long as the procedure was correctly done), disk1 will start rebuilding, disk should mount immediately (probably not in this case) but if it's unmountable don't format, wait for the rebuild to finish (or cancel it) and then run a filesystem check. "
  3. I hit did a disk clear that added my 8tb replacement for a 4tb failed drive (Disk 10) as 'Disk 11' - How can I remove drive 11, and make it a replacement for the failed drive 10 without getting a "too many wrong and/or missing disks!" - Drive 10 has failed - 'x' - Drive 11 is 'Unmountable,- "Unsported partition layout" and pending me clicking the format button. - Drive 11 needs to replace drive 10 - Unraid says "too many wrongs and/or missing disks!" when I try to unmount Disk 11 for replacement of disk 10 because disk 10 has already failed My array is at 99% filled. Do y'all know how I can fix this?
  4. The server is freezing after 20min. Will report back with more details in 12hrs
  5. I'm sorry I don't have more than the title. The syslog doesn't show any changes when the server crashes. I've reset and let it crash ~10 times now turning things off and seeing what happens [docker, VMs]. Please let me know if you have suggestions, I'll take anything. - Banana
  6. @Squid, sorry but I have been unsuccessful so far. Here's a photo of my login screen for the boot gui: And here's a photo of the modified code: And here's a photo of the image I'm trying to replace And here's a photo of where that photo is located ANYTHING you can tell me would help. AND if you thought I was talking about something else could clarify what that other thing was? Banana
  7. Squid, On behalf of everyone, everywhere, who's ever been anywhere, you make all of our lives better. Thank you.
  8. I'm hoping to change it from it's green galaxy with the unRAID logo to a custom 'aperture laboratories' or 'black mesa' background so during the few seconds of boot that occur once a year my fedora and the crippling fear of living in my mothers basement for the rest of my life can be justified. If it's not just an image file is anyone familiar with a good system or workflow to enable its change?
  9. Sorry, script kiddie here. The following is my diagnostics report. Would anyone be able to tell me what is going wrong with my unRAID array? 0017 - Before deleting Docker image and restarting 0034 - after deleting Docker image and restarting Anything helps, Banana