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  1. Today noticed my syslog filling up and found theses messages repeating over and over about every 5-10 seconds. Jan 22 08:28:12 unRaid rpcbind[9117]: connect from xxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx to getport/addr(mountd) xxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx is an ip address of a server mounted to an unraid nfs share. Is there a way to stop these messages from happening over and over filling my log space up?
  2. Ill give that a try. Moved the Flash drive to another port and disconnected a second larger usb drive I used for backups to see how things go.
  3. Everything has been running great for months up until the last few weeks of trying to figure out why I am finding my array offline and stuck in "Starting....". When I find it in that state only thing I can do is reboot, once it reboots it comes back online and starts everything ok. Nothing changed much before besides just updating plugins/dockers as updates came. To troubleshoot I upgraded to 6.5.2 to see if that would help and it hasn't. I'm finding my array in this state almost daily, and as I said a reboot will get it going again. Some strange things I see when I notice it online, I see my flash mounted but I also see it list in unassigned devices also when its in this state (I don't when its working ok)...1.jpg attachment shows this. I can't just stop/start the array because I'm also seeing a missing registration key and entries over and over in the log.....2.jpg attachment shows this. I'm guessing my flash drive is taking a pooper but wanted to see what everyone else thought. I got the diag after it had been up for a few hours to hopefully get more information. Thanks in advance --Todd