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  1. Well, I wanted to avoid messing with adapters... I would have to buy adapter and fairly decent graphic card so it would play 4k movies, which will be as much money as xiaomi tv box.
  2. Hey, I've got a small Unraid server with Intel J4105 CPU (Asrock J4105-ITX). I was planning of buying some kind of TV box, but thought that maybe I can use my server with LibreELEC. Problem is, this mobo has only one PCI-E x1 which I already populated with SATA extension card. So, no additional GPU. I've tried several ways to passthough the GPU, but it always ends in either "Attempted double use of PCI Address" or "Failed to mmap 0000:00:02.0 BAR 2. Performance may be slow". No signal on the GPU output. Is it at all possible to sucesfully passthough an Intel iGPU? Cheers.