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  1. Thats the thing. When I'm in the RDP session all HDMI audio is missing from the Sound contol pannels. All that shows up is the RDP redirected sound device, even though in device manager sees the HDMI sound device.
  2. I was able to just now test and yes, when I plug a TV with speakers in it works. I guess I'll either look into a dummy plug or getting a monitor with speakers.
  3. Hello, Hoping to get some help with audio on a GTX 1060. I am running my server headless with a Windows 10 VM with a GTX 1060 passed through to it. The only audio that the VM sees in its device manager is the audio from the 1060, however, since I don't have a monitor or TV plugged into the HDMI ports it only ever detects a virtual audio device when I RDP into the machine. I want to connect a VR headset to the server but when I do and I disconnect the RDP session there is no longer an audio deivce to generate sound and my VR headset is silent. Im sure this is becuase there is nothing plugged into the HDMI port so the driver is not activating and detecting that there is a device to send audio to. Any suggestions on a way to get the audio going other than plugging in a TV with speakers or getting a discrete sound card passed through to the VM?
  4. Yea.... I have 4 case fans pushing air from the front to back. And its running right now, at idle, at 101 while the cpus are still at 65-70. Either the sensor is bad or there is something wrong with the chip or heatsink. I guess I should try re-seating the stock cooler on the chipset?
  5. I'm using a brand new PSU 2 weeks ago that was functioning on different hardware without a problem. As for temps, I have 4 case fans and 2 Arctic coolers on the CPUs, but I had a temp monitor open and running before it went down and the last reading had the CPUs between 54c and 70c, EXCEPT for the monitor on the chipset which reported 109c, which seems high and might be my culprit. I've never had to deal with bad cooling on the on-board chipset. Is there even a market for replacement coolers for that? I'm thinking that since I'll be getting the board replaced I should see what the new one runs at.
  6. I have had a problem lately where when I start taxing the server, such as during video encoding the server will just turn off. The light on the tower turns off and everything. I've tried re-seating all components but that hasn't helped. I started Fix Common Problems logging as well as have the a running diagnostic, both are attached. I don't see any notification of shutdowns in them. There is a memory slot on the motherboard that isn't detecting DIMMs, so I am looking to RMA it. But in the mean time it seems to run fine until I push the machine. Any thoughts would be appreciated. FCPsyslog_tail.txt