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  1. As per title. Everything works from multiple other devices, but this Windows machine is demanding permissions to access the shares on the network as if the password's wrong. I've tried changing the password, deleting the account from Windows Credentials Manager, running the permissions Tool, restarting the server and client machine. I have Windows 10 and no other software installed except Firefox. If I change the share to Public instead of Secure/Private I can access it. Um.... wut?
  2. Clearing the CMOS fixed it... Shame, I wanted an excuse to upgrade the machine.
  3. Thanks - I don't think it's the drive - I was able to boot from it on another machine. I just made a Windows 10 USB installer on another USB device and I can't boot from that either. I'm going to try running a Memtest86 on it, but I doubt I'll be able to boot from that either. I suspect it's the ram or motherboard in the machine. Damn. Either way, it's obviously not Unraid related. Cheers.
  4. The server was working fine last week until I noticed that all my shares had randomly had their permissions set to public for some reason, so I decided first to reboot the server and it won't boot back up. I've had "SYSLINUX 6.03 EDD Load Error - Boot Error, but also no boot device errors as well as "Operating system load e≥ror", yes with a ≥ ... I plugged my USB device in to my PC and it wanted to run a (chkdsk?) scan, so I let it, and then ran the make_bootable.bat as administrator but still no luck.