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  1. I changed containers for the linuxserver and everything is back again. TY! Spaceinvader has good content on moving metadata on plex over as well.
  2. Any suggested PLEX apps from the community that you would recommend?
  3. Thank you, I will look things over and report back with any questions described from the link you provided. Thanks.
  4. I need some help, my Plex docker is no longer working, when I try to open the webui from the plex docker it doesn't open and displays a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I have uninstalled/installed the docker a few times now. But am stuck on what is wrong. I am not familiar with the 'Run' command and where to execute it.
  5. So I am trying to move some data from my existing drives to the array, and I've been watching the Spaceinvader one tips and he gives instruction with Krusader, but when I search for it in the community, its not the same icon and differing name? Please help, how do I get my files onto the array?