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  1. Sorry more questions s post migration to 6.7.2 I've recently moved from 5.0.6, when I first booted my plus key failed the registration and i didn't have enough slots for all my disks to be added to the array. I've added the new plus key and gone to add the other drives but my last data drive is saying will be erased once array is started. I've read a post advising to go to Tools/New Config, select all assignments. Do I just start the array from this point now? Cheers in advance, Phil NB, Parity now showing same message so I'm guessing parity will be re built from data on all drives? Sorry still working out new version and dont want to loose any data where possible.
  2. Cheers Imtimpi, yeah I did think that was prob the way forward as I have several backups of my original 5.0.6 FD so could respawn from that if need be. Will request a new key for new drive and start checking out the new features Cheers again for the reply.
  3. Morning Guys, well it's morning here anyway I've been using my server on version 5.0.6 as a vanilla NAS for quite a while now and decided recently to make the move to the new GUI. I've refurbished an old chassis and moved all the drives over fine, built a new Flash Drive with the latest version of Unraid, on booting though I'm getting the "registration failed" for the Plus key I purchased some years ago. My intention was to keep my original flash with 5.0.6 on it just in case I had any issues migrating over and get used to the new environment. My question essentially is, will this old flash continue to work as a backup, or will my saved backup on my main PC suffice if I need to go back to the old version if I request a new key for the new drive? I have read some threads on the subject and understand the reasons behind the blacklisting, but none really answer the above question. Keep up the good work guys. Phil
  4. *Update* I have managed to solve this I think and for anyone else with the same issue, this seems to have been a setting in Windows 10 that needed to be disabled in order to stop this, "netsh interface tcp set global chimney=disabled" Needs a reboot after disabling and I'm finding any new/separate file copy also needs its own reboot, but its working.
  5. *Update* I have 2 main shares setup on SMB, Movies & TV. Movies is then split between various folders, but in the main A-Z. Its these folders I'm having a problem copying to. I can copy a small 300mb file to //Tower/Movies/Folder, but not a large file. I can though copy the 11gb file to the TV root folder. When i tried to copy this 11gb file from TV/ to the Movies/A/ i got the same 0x8007003b Error Might i have an issue with one of the disks? When i added the parity drive it found 125 errors, but fixed them all on 2nd run to fix errors.
  6. Hi, I'm still having issues copying to my new Unraid build (I never had any issues with 4.7) and am pulling what's left of my hair out now. Iv'e done a search on here and there does not seem to be a particular complete fix for this issue. I'm running Server 5.0.6, Shares are set to High-Water, I still have 250gb+ left on the drives (1.06 tb free) and am trying to copy an 11gb file, but every time i start a file copy to the server, it stops about 6 % into the copy, box come up with the above error and after a minute or so my Unraid box will reboot! I have tried running in safe mode, disabling anti-virus, running fdsk on flash drive. The thing is I can move files within a disk share, I can copy FROM server/tower to a windows machine fine. Just not the other way. I should add that this is the first time I'm trying to copy anything since I added my parity drive to the array. I have attached the latest syslog. Any help on this very frustrating error would be appreciated. Many thanks Phil Unraid_Log_26-12-15.txt
  7. Hi guys yeah hardware not upto x64 but will do this when my game rig can run latest games. Ran chkdsk and not reporting any corruption on boot now tho it didn't find any errors so cheers for that...last copy run today so will then add parity so hopefully all ok. Thank you again for the replys.
  8. Hi Trurl and many thanks for your reply, of course didn't think of that still copying data I suppose but will try that. I had a look at v6 as it was the latest build however I'm still using an old PC in the main..P4 pci disk controllers (had a job finding 4tb one on pci but did), so x64 was beyond this build and as my PCS go in cycles, old Game pc becomes my main work PC and so on I could not justify cost atm esp as my previous build just worked so well.
  9. Just too add, I have tried starting Unraid in safe mode and still get same issue, windows machine reports loss of connection to Unraid server, no had and fast rule as too when in the copy process it falls over, can be several hours, or just minutes into starting to copy data back over.
  10. Hi Guys, First time having to post an issue on here, but firstly great effort with this software. I have decided recently to upgrade my server as I hit my storage limit some time ago. So i copied my 6tb of data and started fresh with format of flash drive, new copy of Version 5.0.6. Upgraded to 3 x 4TB drives, so new disk controller. I've now got 1 x 4TB Parity, 2 x 4TB, 2 x 2TB, + a cache drive. Install went as smoothy as previous effort (v4.7), However, I'm in the process of copying back the data, so shares setup but no parity selected as yet, I'm finding my network connection to the server keeps falling over at the moment and there is mention in the log of corruption possibly of files on the flash drive. Any help would be most appreciated and I have attached the latest log for examination. Many thanks Phil Log.txt
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a quick thank u to all the users who contributed to my issues in setting up my server. All now completed and happlily purring away, just great to know I can add in two more disks when storage gets tight Cheers again.
  12. Hi Ibixat, Many thanks that worked fine, two good disks done, one to go Many thanks again.
  13. @ Joe, Great stuff, many thanks for clearing that up Joe, just the third disk to go on my initial setup/pre clear now Cheers guys.
  14. Hi dgaschk Many thanks for the reply, I'm still working from the pc it self so I'm guessing I access this from boot directory at login ? Cheers