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  1. I have the same issue. Setting video to VNC works fine. Using DDU and then removing all video drivers and rebooting using MSI Gaming 1070 Ti works up until the OS tries to add the video card. At that point the VM crashes and tries to reboot. Boot loop from that point on. Never gets to login. All suggestions in this thread have not worked. I have been able to load a number of Linux distros using the video card and ROM I am passing without issue. Only Windows VM on 6.9 & 6.9.1 refuse to work.
  2. Upgrade from 6.8.3 to 6.9.0 was quick and all dockers are working properly. Pass though of 2nd Video Card (Nvidea 1070) to Windows 10 VMs after upgrade is broken. Have tried to pass ROM (didn't need to in past) and even tried recreating the VM from scratch. Goes into a boot loop immediately after point where Video card is upgraded to Nvidea specific driver. If VM left as VNC (i.e. no pass through) it works fine.. Changing VM to use VNC after it is broken does not work. Goes into boot loop if VM is restarted. Have noted that in new VM
  3. Thanks heaps for you assistance. Go file was missing and there were FSCK*.REC files on the USB flash. I have moved a copy of the go from a backup of the flash drive. Oddly there are duplicates of DISK_ASSIGNMENT.txt & machine-id files: I will remove these duplicates and give the system a reboot.
  4. Had the AMD 580 passed through to a Win 10 VM hang and freeze up my Host so had to reboot. (I am patiently awaiting the fix for this). I however have hit a issue on startup. All apps, dockers and VM did not restart this time and the web interface did not come up. To get the web interface up I had to run: nohup /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 80 I was then able to restart but again the emhttp did not start. I have tried updating to 2.8.2 to see if this helped but found the same on reboot and had to manually start emhttp manually. After upd