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  1. It is not available in the current version 1.0.5. I have created a new "preclear disk" plugin which works together with the latest version of SimpleFeatures (not released yet). This plugin adds the possibility to do a preclear operation using the GUI on any of the disks which are not part of the array (unassigned disks are optionally displayed in the next SF version). Progress of the preclear operation is shown in real-time in the GUI and runs in the background of the server. This eliminates the need of having a telnet session open for the duration of the preclear. One can leave the preclear page or even close the browser and return later to the preclear page to see and further follow the current state. The plugin acts as a front-end to the (modified) "preclear_disk" script, courtesy of Joe L. To make things work I needed to add 2 more optional switches to the command line of preclear_disk, which allow for auto-answering and output redirection. It is written in such a way that multiple (new) disks can be precleared simultaneously, provided you have enough memory to do so. Glad to know that. I will have to add a new disk in a few weeks, I hope it will be released soon
  2. + I use a gmail account, so that emails from unRaid pile up in the same thread.
  3. AFAIK, Plus license = 6 drives : 5 data, 1 parity (and 1 optional cache drive)
  4. Ok I found some additional informations : Did you setup your time machine using some sort of wizard, using predefined names ? It seems possible to edit "Sara's Macbook". See here :
  5. Oh. Right. Well, since the Mover relying on rsync seems to have problem with this character... is it possible for you to *not* use the cache when writing to the 'timemachine' user share ? (Use Cache = No) Anyway, this character is not a regular apostrophe. Sara’s MacBook -> curly apostrophe Sara's Macbook -> THE apostrophe APPLE, Y U NO SELL FRUITS ?
  6. In the "unRaid Stats" page, I do have CPU and memory monitoring. But the Network graph is always empty, as if there was no I/O, no activity, nothing. Is it broken ?
  7. That's right, you have to edit the code as specified in the thread you refered to. I forgot that part of the story, sorry
  8. Oh, I see. Well, another idea would be to force unRaid to mount shares like this : mount -t cifs -o utf8,other,options,here //server/share /path/to/mount/point but so far I don't know how to, and I don't know the consequences.
  9. Or you can use the anetwait.plg plugin in Influencer's repository.
  10. You're experiencing character encoding problems (UTF-8/ISO-8859-15) If you remove the apostrophe, I guess it should be fine.
  11. I'd say by setting the allocation method to "Most-free" on the considered User Share. Then you copy data from the disk shares to your cache. The mover will finally redistribute data among all your disks.
  12. Using oom_adj : Oct 24 18:49:26 Tower emhttp: unRAID System Management Utility version 5.0-rc8a Oct 24 18:49:26 Tower emhttp: Copyright (C) 2005-2012, Lime Technology, LLC Oct 24 18:49:26 Tower emhttp: Plus key detected, GUID: 090C-6300-AA00-000000168261 Oct 24 18:49:26 Tower kernel: go (11365): /proc/11363/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/11363/oom_score_adj instead. Using oom_score_adj : Oct 25 22:50:49 Tower emhttp: unRAID System Management Utility version 5.0-rc8a Oct 25 22:50:49 Tower emhttp: Copyright (C) 2005-2012, Lime Technology, LLC Oct 25 22:50:49 Tower emhttp: Plus key detected, GUID: 090C-6300-AA00-000000168261 Better So we should use oom_score_adj, at least for unraid 5.0 branch.