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  1. Not sure if I should post this here or in the Code 43 tutorial thread (moderator, this is for you 😉), but here goes: I had the same issue on an ASUS Prime X470 Pro. Downgrading worked just fine, thank you for that. However, I didn't notice that after rebooting and starting the VM, the drivers for the GPU got automatically loaded from WU (because the GPU ended up on a different hostdev slot, for some reason). This resulted in a beatiful Code 43. While trying to fix the issue, the VM (and Unraid) would freeze when rebooting after the patched driver install. Turns out it was just because I had three screens connected! Removing the two extra screens, DDU-ing and reapplying the patched drivers, rebooting the VM, shutting it down (again) and reconnecting the two screens did the trick. Hope this is of use to someone else!