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  1. Bah - thought I'd checked the list - ah well - I'll pick up a cheap card and go from there - thanks!!
  2. So, I picked up an ASRock X570 PRO4 board yesterday and paired it with a RYZEN 5 3600 - really strange as I can get the server to boot/start just fine - but I can only access the server via the GUI - I get absolutely nothing from a monitor connected directly via hdmi. Makes it a little hard to make any bios adjustments when once can't see the screen (!) Any tricks I'm unaware of so I can see the boot screen?
  3. Hi All, Looks like it's time to replace my aging intel Z87-Pro motherboard - the easiest solution is to just pick up a new(er) Z97 board, move over the bits and call it a day. Would there be any reason to jump to something more modern like one of the ASRock X570 boards? (Running 14 drives, if that makes a difference) Fun fact: I do almost zero with the server as it just functions as a NAS for the house/office. The only thing I run on it really is miniDLNA so I can watch movies on the one TV that won't read the files directly. Normally I'm a "latest/greatest"
  4. thanks @SpencerJ - still not seeing it and I've checked my spam folder - I get emails just fine (including from this forum) - wonder why these are bouncing? Can you send to a different email address?
  5. not sure where to post this, but am unsure how long it should take to receive a new license after contacting support. Am trying to replace my old flash drive and am getting the "Sorry, an error (403) occurred registering USB Flash GUID 0930-6544-478C-C12189382B50 The error is: GUID '05DC-A701-AA04-018800000061' inside KeyFile was not found as a registered GUID" message which seems to indicate that my over 12-year old guid wasn't migrated into the new system. I contacted support a couple of days ago and have yet to hear back - is this normal?
  6. Boom! Gold star! Swapped out a few old cables and we're cooking with gas again - thanks for your patience - crazy how much a couple of cables can affect things. Time to start my docker adventures now so I can get miniDLNA up and running on the new box - good times!
  7. That's an interesting idea - slots are actually full these days I know I want to get to xfs - although wondering if reiserfs would cause the behavior to change so suddenly? (I honestly don't know) Feels like the github connection issues should be telling me something - was really hoping the diagnostics would show something obvious -
  8. 6-year old motherboard/12-year old flash drive - maybe time for an upgrade/change? (last week I was moving 50gb files around w/o issue - today I can't even move a 50mb file onto the server )
  9. I actually have another v6 tower running that has no issues - (should have mentioned that up front) - the "good" one is a new one I spun up a few months ago for my wife
  10. finally got Community Applications installed after multiple attempts - starting to feel like a HW issue at the root of all this
  11. cool - sounds a little project once everything else gets sorted
  12. Thanks for your help on this - same error when trying to install any plugin ( download failure (Network failure)) I pinged github and saw 67% packet loss (I'm no expert, but that doesn't sound good ) Yeah - same flash drive from my initial purchase during the Bush administration - Potentially dumb question: how does one upgraded the disk formatting w/o destroying the data? (If possible, I'm guessing it's a "one disk at a time thing" and there's a det
  13. Long story short: Got my old system (been up for over 12 years) running smoothly again last week on V5, and then a couple days ago it started having issues: Mostly connection issues, explorer freezing up while trying to access files, and (seemingly) unable to write new data/files. Knowing how frustrating it is for folks to try and help out, I upgraded to Version: 6.8.3 yesterday. The data is telling me it's all still there, basic connection issues seem to be resolved, although I still have a hard time hitting the shares and individual disks. File explorer freezes/locks up, or it ta
  14. sweet - I hadn't found that before - sounds like someone over here just may have a new project in the near future - thanks for the tip!