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  1. Makes sense to me - bombs away! thanks again for your help and patience
  2. Thanks for the response, Jorge - I didn't have that experience last week when I tried to do the same thing with another disk - but will trust that something just went wrong then. (After the data rebuild completed, my new disk was completely empty and I spent the next few days moving the data from the old disk onto the new one) Is there anyway to tell that the data rebuild is actually rebuilding the data on the new drive instead of clearing it from parity? Just start the array from here (attached) and all will be fine?
  3. Hi - haven't been on v6 long (I know - welcome to the party!) Just replaced a smaller disk with a slightly larger one and know I need to preclear first (yes, the plugin is installed) - but thought I needed to hit the "format" button as shown in the attached - but it's greyed out - what am I missing? (tried this once before and found out later that the parity synch/data rebuild simply removed the data from my array instead of rebuilding the data on the new disk - good times) Sorry for the lame question!
  4. Bah - thought I'd checked the list - ah well - I'll pick up a cheap card and go from there - thanks!!
  5. So, I picked up an ASRock X570 PRO4 board yesterday and paired it with a RYZEN 5 3600 - really strange as I can get the server to boot/start just fine - but I can only access the server via the GUI - I get absolutely nothing from a monitor connected directly via hdmi. Makes it a little hard to make any bios adjustments when once can't see the screen (!) Any tricks I'm unaware of so I can see the boot screen?
  6. Hi All, Looks like it's time to replace my aging intel Z87-Pro motherboard - the easiest solution is to just pick up a new(er) Z97 board, move over the bits and call it a day. Would there be any reason to jump to something more modern like one of the ASRock X570 boards? (Running 14 drives, if that makes a difference) Fun fact: I do almost zero with the server as it just functions as a NAS for the house/office. The only thing I run on it really is miniDLNA so I can watch movies on the one TV that won't read the files directly. Normally I'm a "latest/greatest" person - but until the board started to die a few weeks ago, 6-year old tech was just fine for my uses
  7. thanks @SpencerJ - still not seeing it and I've checked my spam folder - I get emails just fine (including from this forum) - wonder why these are bouncing? Can you send to a different email address?
  8. not sure where to post this, but am unsure how long it should take to receive a new license after contacting support. Am trying to replace my old flash drive and am getting the "Sorry, an error (403) occurred registering USB Flash GUID 0930-6544-478C-C12189382B50 The error is: GUID '05DC-A701-AA04-018800000061' inside KeyFile was not found as a registered GUID" message which seems to indicate that my over 12-year old guid wasn't migrated into the new system. I contacted support a couple of days ago and have yet to hear back - is this normal?
  9. Boom! Gold star! Swapped out a few old cables and we're cooking with gas again - thanks for your patience - crazy how much a couple of cables can affect things. Time to start my docker adventures now so I can get miniDLNA up and running on the new box - good times!
  10. That's an interesting idea - slots are actually full these days I know I want to get to xfs - although wondering if reiserfs would cause the behavior to change so suddenly? (I honestly don't know) Feels like the github connection issues should be telling me something - was really hoping the diagnostics would show something obvious -
  11. 6-year old motherboard/12-year old flash drive - maybe time for an upgrade/change? (last week I was moving 50gb files around w/o issue - today I can't even move a 50mb file onto the server )
  12. I actually have another v6 tower running that has no issues - (should have mentioned that up front) - the "good" one is a new one I spun up a few months ago for my wife
  13. finally got Community Applications installed after multiple attempts - starting to feel like a HW issue at the root of all this
  14. cool - sounds a little project once everything else gets sorted