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  1. I have one machine on 25. The only notable issue initially was the password app not working. The solution was to set the upgrade flag to beta but dont update nextcloud. This made the beta version of password available for download. Switched back to stable after I got it. Problem solved.
  2. Rule 1. Always upgrade nextcloud via the app before upgrading the docker. Else use krusader and go to the nextcloud folder. There will be backup folder in there. Select the most recent or the one before that and copy it in the corresponding position in appdata. Rename the old nextcloud folder to nextcloudbad. Rename the copied folder to nextcloud. Restart nextcloud. If lucky you will boot back to the previous version. Login and start the upgrade again. Then upgrade the docker.
  3. Hi, Is anyone using the new backup app in nextcloud? Any tutorials to assist in setup? I've found one on youtube but in a different language. Having trouble with the barrier.
  4. A longshot, but there is an unraid app called nerdtools. Python might be in there. Just switch it on to load it.
  5. I'm probably the last person to work this out, but I thought i'd put it out there. I've found that you get a big improvement in response time with nextcloud in unraid if you pin a dedicated cpu and thread to the nextcloud docker.
  6. Remove the entries for the exclude field and just include disk 10 and 11. You normally only have one or the other on the share. You might need to migrate the directory on disk 5 to disk 10 or 11. eg use unbalance to move it. After all gone frrom disk 5, ,you should be right.
  7. Using Samsung evo 980 nvme's. Regularly getting temp warnings for 84 degrees C. Surely a bug.
  8. I have had success dumping vbios on a ASUS Gt1030. Tried on a new machine the other day and got a warning that the file might be a bit small. (<> 50kb) The previous dumps on the same card were around 130k. The 50 k version also does not work. Cant explain what went wrong other than I might have done the good dump using unraid 6.9.2 and the bad one using 6.10.3. Could the unraid version be a factor?
  9. Be patient with it. Update is cantankerous at best. Standard procedure for me is start the update process. Wait untul the crash. Press the back button to go back to previous menu. (The update menu) Wait. It is still performing the update. Try again. If the procedure is still in progress, press back and wait some more. Eventually you will get back to the update procedure and it will be waiting at the next step. Press continue and repeat above as long as it hasnt passed maintenance mode. If it has passed maintenance mode, dont go back. Just wait for a while, then try again. You should get there eventually.
  10. Also in unraid, you can lock the share down. Make it invisible to smb and restrict access. On;y nextcloud can get to it.
  11. In the old docker template in unraid, the password was in there. It is now hidden in the new template I think you may find it in config.php in nextcloud. Else, I think your physical data is safe in the nextcloud directory. It is only the database that is corrupted. Pretty sure you can rebuild your database from the source files but not on top of that yet.
  12. Use notepad++ or your preferred editor and edit ssl.conf. It is in there. delete the hash in front to activate it. Then refresh your check to hopefully get the tick.
  13. So do you have to insert that key in the token field when you define your server or does it happen in the docker?
  14. I'm on a learning curve with this, but I created an A record for my domain and pointed t to my server. ( Then I opened the ports in the router. Then I went to the rustdesk site and downloaded the clients. To point the clients to my server I changed the config in the client to point to Then the connection between the clients was similar to a teamviewer connection. Not sure about encryption with this docker. Have asked the question