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  1. ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME X370-PRO BIOS American Megatrends Inc. Version 4207. Dated: 12/08/2018 AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core @ 3200 MHz 16gb DDR4 ram Gigabyte GTX 1030 2GB Low Profile (N0 Fans) Renasas USB controller passed through to the VM ASUS gt710 primary GPU (no fans) Samsung evo 860 500gb ssd cache Realtec Network controller (2nd lan port) Wd red 4tb (Parity) WD red 4tb Array WD re4 1tb array WD green 2tb Array Machine runs ok but vm operates "Jerky" occasionally. System needs a restart to rectify. Rest of machine seems ok. Suspect heat issue With GTX 1030 GPU. Still investigating.
  2. Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. AX370-Gaming 5 American Megatrends Inc. Version F25. Dated: 01/16/2019 AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core @ 3200 MHz 32gb DDR4 Ram Gigabyte GTX 1030 2GB Low Profile (N0 Fans) (Rom Bios downloaded and modified as per Spaceinvader 1 tutorial on GPU passthrough with only 1 graphics card as primary) 4 port USB card for passthrough to VM (USB card passed through to Windows VM using Virtmanager in a FreeBSD vm) 4tb WD Red Parity 1 x 4tb WD Red Array 6 x 2tb WD green Array 2 x Samsung evo 860 500gb Cache Adaptec 1430SA sata controller Fractal Design Case Coolermaster 650w Modular power supply This machine upgrades my 10yo i3 unraid server which was primarily used as a file server. From the old machine I reused the adaptec sata card and a few 2tb hard disks. During the build I had issues with GPU passthrough. I had upgraded the BIOS to F31. Turns out F30 and F31 make provision for the Ryzen 3 CPU and kills off Pass through. I reloaded the original BIOS (F23) and it worked. Settled on F25 which was the last one before the BIOS went to the F30 series. IOMMU configured as per Spaceinvader breaking up IOMMU groups option 3. The Fractal Design case will hold 8 x 3.5" drives. I put a 2 drive hotswap bay in one of the 5 1/4 slots for the SSD's and a single 3.5" hotswap in the other 5 1/4 bay. Will use this to connect unassigned devices. The motherboard has 8 sata ports and I get another 4 ports from the adaptec card. Adaptec card is old but it works.
  3. SSD prices are starting to compete with mechanical hard drives. I can see the demise of mechanicals in the not too distant future. Will unraid move to allow SSD drives for the array in future versions?
  4. Same problem. If I use a pfsense router with nat reflection on 443 all good. If I use another router with no nat reflection, no go Is there a work around for no nat reflection?
  5. One solution might be to load the client software on your computer. Paste the files into the local folder you specified for the client. Let it sync in it's own time. This will allow you to copy the files in a few minutes, then the client will do the rest.
  6. This post is old, but I found numerous share issues with windows build 1803 which went away after updating to 1809.
  7. Jessie

    6.6.0 GUI

    Sounds like we need both with an option
  8. Jessie

    6.6.0 GUI

    I'll be sticking to 6.5.3 for as long as possible. Sorry. Don't like 6.6. After upgrading, also had other issues with dockers and VM's. It was easier to back out rather than fault find. If it's not broken, why fix it.
  9. From another thread:- GRBoomer 2 Mar '17 I accidently deleted my nextcloud user and admin accounts from the database. I still have the same database. I recreated new admin and user and got nextcloud up and running and pointed back to my data. However, I cannot login into the Passman vault. I did save a copy of the original config.php file and the entire original directory. Moving salt values and origins over to the new config file prevents me from getting into nextcloud, and having the new values prevents me from getting into Passman. Is there a way for me to recover my vault? I do have the password correct too. Also, selecting recover password tends to only give the option to the admin (me) of deleting the vault. There is not password recovery unless the words mean something else. [SOLUTION] I copied the passwordsalt and secret into config.php (I had already done that) I think restarting the webserver (Apache) is the difference that made it work. Other than that, I've found that periodically backing up the calendar app from within the calendar also backs up tasks and others. Not sure whether passman is included in this. This method as far as I know is the only way to recover the calendar.
  10. Are you aware that if you log in as administrator you can click on the user icon on the top right hand side of screen and select apps from there?
  11. Not sure if this is relevant to you, but in Australia some services have the VOIP phone service locked into the modem/router. This becomes an issue if the modem/router won't do what you want. A work around here is we use the modem of our choice which gives us the functionality we need and then we run the carrier supplied modem off one of the ports in the replacement modem. The carriers modem will provide phone functionality only and the replacement modem does the rest. The carrier modem needs to be operating in a different subnet to the replacement.
  12. yep. Did it via nextcloud settings. It crashed during step 4, but it is only a timeout. Give it time to complete, then exit out and select update again and it will pick up where it left off. Probably wouldn't hurt to backup before you start.
  13. If you go to the nextcloud directory in your array, there should be subfolders for each of your users. The files will be in there. There are ways to rebuild. Another more tedious way is to recover the files from these directories. Recreate nextcloud and resync them.
  14. So are you still having issues? I recall the same symptoms but only when using ie in win10. As ie seems to be pretty well past its use by date, not a big issue. I don't use chrome, but the problem was not there when using firefox or edge. letsencrypt shut down correctly.
  15. Are you using Internet explorer? Try Edge or firefox.