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  1. stingray060

    Understanding Parity and Cache

    This is absolutely Perfect! Thanks alot for the quick reply and such a detailed one, Now, IF i was to get a 5-6TB drive or whatever sized drive, what do you get? I hear of special NAS Drives, Is that better/worth it? Thanks.
  2. stingray060

    Understanding Parity and Cache

    Hello! So, my setup is primarily for home file use, films, etc. I cannot imagine I would ever put a drive over 2TB into it, so I am led to believe a 2TB Parity Drive would be sufficient? This would be my setup if that is true: Parity: 2TB HDD Disk 1: 1TB HDD Disk 2: 2TB HDD Would that be a realistic, OK Setup? Now, To my understanding, but please correct me if I am wrong, If one of my 2 Drives failed, to repair it, I would just re-insert another drive of the same capacity? , so the 1TB drive failed, i re-insert another 1TB Drive?... As for cache, id assume you`d use an SSD for starters, but I was wondering if it would be even worth doing as this is only home file use, Currently, 2TB of data on it, 1TB Free. Thanks!