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  1. But to firstly setup the VM with gpu passthrough I need to connect via web interface right? Thanks for explaining this. I will also have to pass the keyboard and mouse as I understood for vm?
  2. Hey guys! I have a question. How will this gaming work? This example: I have a PC with 4 hdd, Unraid. Cpu with iommu, vt-d supported, 16 gm ram , 1 monitor 2 gpus ( for example 1 from cpu - intel hd, second pci - gtx 970 ) Do I just click my windows 10 vm machine with gpu passthrough and play game( for example 3d shooter) on my 1 monitor with intel hd? Or do I need some kind of rdp/vnc from another computer and another monitor and workplace?? Confused Update It seems I need another pc anyway since I connect to unraid via https://url But will games and sound work with vm running in browser??