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  1. If I format my flash drive to install version 6, what do I need to do to be sure I can get back to my current 4.5.6 if I encounter problems? I ask this because my 4.5.6 flash drive does not contain a makebootable.bat file, a syslinux folder, or a syslinux.exe file. (It does have ldlinux.sys and syslinux.cfg files). Would I be able to simply re-format the flash drive and copy the files back? What would make it bootable?
  2. Thanks. After reading that, I do have some questions on the upgrade. I'll start another thread.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. Once I got past the hardware problems, I got the server back up. I performed the following steps: Replaced the parity drive and let unRAID rebuild it. Ran a parity check. Replaced the data drive and let unRAID rebuild it. Ran a parity check. The system is running fine with no errors.
  4. Thanks trurl. The 3 drives getting errors are all on a PCIe controller card. I tried re-seating the card, and checked all of the cables, and no change. The card is a Rosewill RC-218 4-port PCIe x4 SATA, and I'm not sure what to replace it with (it is no longer available). I'm looking at the unRaid Hardware Compatibility page to see if I can figure out what to get.
  5. OK, so I did the following: Stopped the array, and shut down the system. Replaced the 2TB parity drive. Restarted unRaid. The management console had a blue orb next to the parity drive and green for the data drives. I checked the devices page and everything was correct. I checked the box under the start button, and clicked start. The management console became unresponsive. I used the /root/mdcmd status command to see the progress and it shows the following: mdState=STARTED mdNumProtected=7 mdNumDisabled=0 mdNumInvalid=1 mdInvalidDisk=0 mdResync=1953514552 mdResyncPos=512 mdResyncPrcnt=0.0 mdResyncFinish=591840.2 mdResyncSpeed=0 and for the new disk: diskState.0=6 rdevStatus.0=DISK_INVALID rdevNumErrors.0=0 rdevLastIO.0=1535561073 I've run this several times, and the only thing changing is the mdResyncFinish value. Now, I checked the syslog (attached as a zip file) and it is logging these lines over and over: Aug 29 12:55:50 Tower kernel: ata1: failed to resume link (SControl FFFFFFFF) Aug 29 12:55:51 Tower kernel: ata2: failed to resume link (SControl FFFFFFFF) Aug 29 12:55:51 Tower kernel: ata4: failed to resume link (SControl FFFFFFFF) What should I do?
  6. Thank you!. I was worried that the rebuild would fail, and I would lose everything. I guess could handle losing a file or two. I knew I needed to replace the parity drive, and assumed the same for the data drive and had already ordered replacements. I was just unclear if I needed to do something special because of the errors on the data drive. Also, do I need to preclear the new drives? I've read through the documentation and forum posts and am confused about this (both if I need to do it, and how to do it). I will definitely look into upgrading to unRaid 6. It looks like there have been many useful changes.
  7. Thanks for responding. Most of the data is media (movies, TV series etc.), so I don't have backups because of the size. Losing it would suck, but not be the end of the world! I have some other data (family photos) that I need to verify I have copies of, and try to copy if I don't have backups.
  8. After a power failure, the performance was so bad we could not watch a movie (it would play a couple of frames, then wait 20-30 seconds over and over). I got the syslog and SMART reports for all of the drives (1 parity and 6 data). The SMART report for the parity drive says it will fail in less than 24 hours. One of the data drives has Current_Pending_Sector = 1, and Offline_Uncorrectable = 1. I ran short and long tests on this drive. None of the other drives show any errors (I ran long tests on all of them). The drives show up in the management console with no errors. It says Parity is valid, and shows 8 parity errors found when the last check ran after the power failure. I think I need to replace the parity drive, but I'm concerned about what will happen with the data drive with the pending sector. I'm guessing that I should do the following: 1. Replace parity drive. 2. Bring up Unraid and assign the new drive as the parity drive. 3. Rebuild the parity drive. Will I be able to re-build the parity drive when the data drive has these errors? I am new to all of this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank smartrepg_long.txt smartreph_long.txt Syslog.txt