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  1. Got it up and running with MariaDB, thanks! To be totally honest, I was completely winging the MariaDB part of it. And yes, you do have to create a db first.
  2. That makes perfect sense, let me give it a shot.
  3. Hello. I just upgraded to 6 and trying out Containers for the first time. I'm attempting to install @Sparklyballs FreshRSS and I've gotten to the point where the first time setup is asking for MySQL database information. No clue what this information is! Did I skip a step?
  4. Hrmm... this might be a problem with Disk 3 and I can't prove it since 1&2 are full. The movies on Disk 3 that take up the 53GB of 2TB are not completed files (I seem to remember them failing a few weeks ago on transfer) and do not function.
  5. Hi, I'm running version 5.0.4 and I'm having issues with file transfers. Drive 1&2 are 100% full and I can't move items to/from of my cache drive. If I try to transfer from Cache manually to Disk 3 it will start and within 10-15 seconds will drop to 0 MB/sec and stall. I originally thought maybe it was an issue with my brand new Disk 3, but I disabled Cache drive for my movie share and right now I'm transfering over the network directly to Disk 3 through SMB, albeit slow at 10-15 MB/sec. Edit: scratch that, I cannot directly write to Disk 3 either. The upload went to 0 MB/sec and failed after I submitted this. I'm also seeing a small amount of errors on my parity drive, It's up to 68 after 13 days of uptime. Thoughts? :'(
  6. On one of my first linux machines 1.5 years ago I somehow managed to setup daily backups to my unRAID server via a GUI rsync tool. What I eventually realized was that the backup was also making a local copy...which was not excluded from the backup. I was able to clean out most of the Share through Windows Explorer, but there are so many nested folders that Windows will not actually allow me to delete it! I went REALLY deep into the nested folders one day and it still wouldn't let me delete because of path length. I know this is something very achievable on the unRAID command line, but I'm nervous (paranoid?) that I'm going to wreck my system. I need to empty share Xubuntu, what is the proper way to do this? user and user0? Another potential problem: When I SSH into my unRAID server I only see 3 files...and don't see a folder structure with ls. what gives? duh..I didn't cd / first.
  7. Upgrade was successful, thank you! It started the file system by itself upon boot, is this because it did not find any MBR errors during a self check?
  8. How do you delete the saved Windows credentials? I had the same problem, resolved it by changing the name of my server.
  9. Hi Dale, Sorry, that does sound like important things I failed to mention... I have 1 Parity, 2 data, 1 cache and my Flash Key is pro. I currently do not have any plugins installed. The only reason I am wanting to upgrade my perfectly working system is the plugins that I want to use claim I need a version newer than what I'm running. Thank you so much
  10. I really need someone to explain this to me like I am 5 years old. I read the wiki, and I don't think it seems that difficult....but I'm VERY worried I will screw this up. How do I correctly upgrade from 5.0-rc8a to 5.0.4 ?
  11. alxscott, Did you get MythTV backend working with unRAID? If so, please post how!
  12. Have you managed to get TS3 running automatically with unRAID boot?
  13. You just rocked my world Spidi. I had been attracted to MythTV because the MythBox front end for XBMC is beautiful and (at least in youtube videos) works well. Do you use XBMC in conjunction with TvHeadEnd by chance?