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  1. Thanks johathanm. I have small drives mostly because i have a very tight budget. Unraid is basically just hosting Plex at the moment, and I have a small library, so not much need for more capacity at the moment. I know I'm way under-utilizing the server, but for now thats all I have use for. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a scenario that I haven't be able to find an answer to through my searching here. On my server I currently have: 1TB WD blue (Parity) 1TB WD blue (Data) 1TB WD blue (Data) 120gb WD SSD (Cache) 1 docker running 2 empty disk slots I have a new 1TB WD Red on its way to replace the current parity drive, the old is not bad. So what I want to do is use the old 1TB WD blue parity drive, and reassign it to a data drive, and use the new 1TB WD Red, as the new parity disc. What procedure do I need to follow to do this properly. My apologies is this has already been asked, but I searched and couldn't find a related topic. Thanks for any help in advance.