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  1. Thanks.. I thought I had already replied to this to say I'd try the docker, but my post is gone.. so, I'll say I DID go back and install the docker, and I THINK I finally have things working, at least at a basic level!! One thing about the docker install that was not obvious to me is that you have to apparently switch the docker network type to HOST, at least to get it to work with the HDHomeRun network tuners, which is all I have.. I struggled until I found a vague reference to this, and as soon as I changed it to Host, it just seemed to work.. Now, on a Raspberry Pi, I have OSMC installed, with the TVHeadEnd plug-in pointing at my UnRaid, and it seems to be streaming and controlling recordings quite nicely!! Thanks so much for the help.. Hopefully this little detail will come up in other people's searches if they have the same problem! -Steve
  2. Having the same problem.. TVHeadEnd is stopped (Ive stopped and started many times, but can't figure this out!) What do you mean disable "at the top"? I also can't edit the data directory: TIA.. Steve
  3. Thanks - That's what I thought and hoped you meant.. Not a fundamental incompatibility, but rather just that you wont get the full speed benefit offered by the SSD. Thanks for clarification!
  4. Why is it not suitable for SSDs? just curious why an HBA would care?? Thanks!
  5. Thanks.. I'll check that out - I had heard of that, but havent done that before.
  6. Thanks for the quick response.. That describes EXACTLY what I'm seeing.. I guess for the few $$ I spent, I shouldn't be surprised.. Oh well - They're probably decent enough cards to leave on the shelf for a windows box someday.. :-) Ebay, here I come for an LSI card.. :-) Any recommendations, or is any LSI basically the same?? Edit: Based on other posts on this thread, I've got 2 Dell H310 cards.. Thanks for the help!!
  7. Ever since posting my original response, I've been sitting here searching, and ironically the CS380 is the one I had settled on as my best option for non-rack.. You liking that case? Given that I'll probably leave it upright, how's the stock cooling? I had planned to use 5-in-3 or similar, but with the CS380 it seems I'll get better cooling just using what they give you, since it'll leave more space around the drives, and there's already a fan on the side of the drive cage.. Thanks for the info.. Sounds like I'm following your lead.. Good to have some validation on what I'm seeing out there..
  8. Based on this thread, I bought two AOC-SASLP-MV8 from ebay.. They basically work, but I've been having some strange drive failures that I didn't have before, when I was using the motherboard SATA.. The strange thing is that I dont get prompted to press Ctrl-M on either machine I have installed the boards into, so I can't really look at any of the settings. I did find info on using the DOS utility to backup the config and look at it in the text file, so I've verified that the INT13 is off, and RAID is off. The BIOS of each is the x.21 version everyone talks about here on the forum, but I'd still like to be able to get into the CTRL-M menu if someone can tell me how to enable that prompt?? My drives are in 4-in-3 hot swap cages, and/or single drive cages, but those cages were also in use when I was using the MoBo ports, so I dont think they're adding to the instability. Is this card generally still looked upon as a good choice for low cost? ( I really dont care much for highest performance - I'd prefer reliability over performance any day... this is just for home and about the highest load it'll ever get is to stream a standard def DVD to a Kodi box.. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! -Steve
  9. It's been a while since your post. I am thinking about buying the same case for my UnRaid, and was wondering if you had any additional opinions now that you've had it for a while? Drive trays been reliable? Cooling working well enough? Thanks in advance!! Stevbe
  10. Interesting you should mention cooling.. I'm in the market for a similar case as the OP and from all the searching I'm doing, I keep coming back to rack servers having better cooling.. Specifically, I keep going back to the Rosewill RSV-L4412. Definitely will be watching this thread for recommendations for some tower style cases.
  11. I'm confused about this as well.. Or I guess I should say I'm confused about cooling in general.. I get the front to back concept, and could even understand bottom to top, but for example, with that case, I seem to see a fan in the bottom front, which presumably would be sucking in from the front. Wouldn't the increased pressure from that tend to counteract the fans sucking from behind any 5-in-3's I install in this case? Is there a recommended case for a reasonable price that seems to have cooling as a high priority design concept?
  12. I too found this old thread based on a basic google search.. I have been relying on Crashplan for backup and have been thinking about what I'm going to do now that the whole "unlimited backup for cheap" world is changing for me. I had already bought 2 copies of Unraid, so my answer thus far has been to just have a mirrored Unraid, potentially off site, or at least in a far part of the house (I already had a house fire, so I'm sensitive to both eggs in one flammable house) but I was thinking that for versioning, I'd need to have some kind of script to manage keeping each day's backup separate from yesterdays, and then I thought of shadow copies.. IF there's any chance this might be something on the horizon for UnRaid, it would sure influence my plans.. I've got a few months 'till crashplan goes away, but by that time I want to have something at least in the works! Thanks for an awesome product!!
  13. That's interesting.. In my case, I dont have a cache drive, so I'll have to look for the "unread" directory.. I didn't know those alerts were stored somewhere I could get to themm
  14. I'm having a strange problem that sounds that it MIGHT be similar.. Unfortunately, I made the bad decision to make 3 differerent changes almost at the same time, which makes troubleshooting more "exciting".. SO.. In addition to upgrading to the latest version, in the last 2 days, I have also changed out my controller card. I was using an onboard controller, and switched to an AOC-SASLP-MV8 controller. I also added a cache drive. That being said.. the system came up just fine, and I was using it for a day or so. This morning I got up to see that the server was inaccessible. I went to the console to find continuous scrolling of write errors to drive 1. All I could do is cold boot. Upon cold boot, it came up showing drive 1 was bad, but it let me mount the raid, showing drive 1 was being simulated (or whatever the terminology was on the screen... sorry).. Since the raid was up, I copied a few important files off, just in case, and then ran a quick SMART test on the "bad" disk, and everything looked fine. I assume this failure was not real, but I am fine with rebuilding if necessary, but before I could even think about the next step, it came up and said I had 3 bad disks in the system. At that moment, it seemed like the raid was still up, but just to be safe, I shut the machine down and stopped going further. At this point, I haven't turned it back on. My plan was to investigate whether software problems have been detected in the latest version, and/or back out to the old version, plus remove the cache drive, since nothing has been written and it just confuses the situation for now. Also, I started looking for firmware updates on the SAS card, which I have found, but I'm confused because the docs say my machine should have been prompting me to hit CTRL-M to go into a setup mode, and I do not get that prompt. Short of other guidance / recommendations, I am going to try to boot onto a DOS image, and see if I can run any diags /firmware for the HBA, and/or switch back to the motherboard SATA connectors and see what happens, but I'd be curious if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks! Steve
  15. Thanks. That looks like it worked.. The magic was that I didn't know to click on the word "cache" before.. had no idea there was an underlying menu there. After seeing that the format to BTRFS and formatting again went as fast as before, it seems that "auto" must have been working, but just set the FS to vFAT as it already was. (It was already set to "auto", so I switched to BTRFS instead of Auto) Thanks!! I look forward to seeing how much better my writes are now that I'll be going to SSD! -Steve