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  1. Sometimes, things unfold faster than you can guess, so this time, I'll post an update right away. You will find the images and everything in the original post at the top. ZEUS has transformed into a cube of glass and steel. And I love it. Its super silent - like, you cannot hear it at all while idle. And the temperatures are mind-blowing, I'm really happy (if you haven't already noticed) So, just a final round-up of the new specs: OS: Unraid 6.7.2 Case: Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic Mainboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultimate Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 5
  2. Thank you! Honestly, I never checked how much more power it consumes. In a worst case scenario... I mean, it's powered by a 5 Watt charger. So even if it consumes the full 5 Watt during the year (which it doesn't), we're talking about 30 kW - that's 6 € per Year here in Germany, which isn't cheap, of course, but all in all... It's ok. Regarding the light pollution, yes, it adds to it. But it's in the living room, and the light sensor does a pretty decent job during the day, so it's barely noticeable. Once you turn the light off at night though, it lits the room pretty ok-ish. But i
  3. So, I wanted to post this update ever since, and now I finally got some time. It's almost outdated though, so beware. For pictures, see the original post. This is just a in-between update for new comments and old subs. Hardware - I doubled the RAM, as prices got lower compared to winter last year. ZEUS now runs on 64 GB RAM. - I expanded the storage by 2x2 TB - though they might get removed when moving to another cage. Seriously, I don't need them. - The AiO cooler broke, so I'm using the stock fan for the cpu. Not ideal, but it is what it is. Informatio
  4. Hi folks, I have the same issue as you have. It's also not related to the Vega Cards. I now own a Vega 56, but had a R9 390 before. With both cards, I was unable to update the Drivers in the VM to anything more recent than Adrenalin 18.9.3. When installing later drivers, the screen will black out and not return. So I tried to use remote desktop for the driver installation, and was greeted with a "This driver is not signed, install anyways?"-message when installing the latest 19.x Adrenalin drivers, which is really odd. After acknowledging the request, the RDP session fr
  5. Cool, great you liked it! I wonder if I should pursue the idea of "Distat" any further, to make it accessible to more people. Might be a ton of work, at the end. But it could be awesome.
  6. I, eh... well... *blushes* Thanks for your kind words! Both of you! Sure, a small writeup wouldn't be tooo hard, I guess... The Kindle Well, the Kindle being used is nothing too spectacular, but it was the part that consumed almost half of the time for the whole project. It's a 4th Gen Kindle, which, as you might already have guessed from the name, runs the Firmware 4.x (don't know the exact version number). For prepping the Kindle, I followed several online tutorials - most of it was taken out of this tutorial at galacticstudios. The author d
  7. Thanks, santa! Well, your mileage may vary. There are several reasons why I choose the components. The Case This was already existing, and for my use case, is quite sufficient. If I want to, I can add a lot of drives in total. However, because the cages are removable, I can also make some room for other stuff, e.g. the Kindle. PSU The GPU is quite hungry in terms of power - taking the rest of the system into account, and that a PSU runs best at 70-80% load, I've choosen the bequiet psu. CPU, Mainboard, RAM This is the mos
  8. //Updates so far: [2019-09-07]: Increased RAM, removed some parts. Scroll to read the update. [2019-09-17]: Complete overhaul. New case, new cooling. Scroll further to read the update. Original Post Hi folks, some time ago, I asked about a decent way to consolidate my IT. Thanks for your input! I posted a follow-up there, but wasn't finished at that time. Now, this consolidation has come to a conclusion. I mean... for now. For... the next weeks, maybe... Don't tell my gf. OS: Unraid 6.6.2 Case: Anidees AI6V2 (+ LED Stri
  9. Hi folks, I thought I might post a follow-up here on what I've done so far. First and foremost: I've bought an Unraid license. This OS is worth every penny. Other than that, here is my current setup: OS: Unraid 6.6.2 Case: Anidees AI6V2 Mainboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultimate Gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 RAM: 2x8GB RAM, DDR4 2400. GPU1: Sapphire Radeon R9 390 8GB [For Gaming VM] GPU2: ASUS GTX 750 2GB [For BIOS, soon to be replaced with a cheap passive one] GPU3: Gigabyte HD7750 1GB [For fun?] Gaming-VM-Drive: 500 GB M.2
  10. Ok, so.... Bummer. I double checked to see if it's possible what I'm about to try, and with my current setup, it's not. The i5-4670K doesn't support VT-d - so no pass-through for the GPU, I guess. Well, it wouldn't be that bad at all - just get a matching CPU (the i7-4790K does indeed support VT-d. Oh, Intel... ), and off you go. It's not that easy - the ASUS mainboards also do not support VT-d. Back to the sketchboard, I guess. We upgraded our old living room TV to a newer model (2013 vs 2017) - I was surprised that todays TVs run a full-fledged Android wit
  11. I guess that's part of the fun - see what's possible. I like to tinker around, so... I'd give it a shot. Seems legit, yes. The current NAS-SoC could do this job. A second ethernet card (intel) is already inside. I don't know - maybe the main reason is / was that I think I won't be able to game on the cpu as before. I mean, we are talking about Forza Horizon 4, GTA V, etc. But you are right, I should just give it a try. I'll report back.
  12. Hi, So personally, you would stick to the current configuration? Despite the expected workload I outlined above? Switching the Platform altogether means a difference between 400 Bucks, roundabout. From what I've read, the X370 and X470 don't differ that much. I could order it with a BIOS-Update, so I wouldn't have problems here. On the other hand, I guess the manufacturers could have learnt from mistakes the made on the first gen boards, and could have fixed them on the second gen. So it would make sense to switch to a 2nd gen board anyway.
  13. Ok, so maaaaaybee, this wall of text was a little too much - but I like to provide as much info as possible. However, my plans got me thinking: Maybe a i7-4790 or i7-4770 is enough as an upgrade for my current mainboard? I‘m currently on a i5-4670k. Used ones come at a price of around 150€ (~174 US-$), and both my mainboard and the psu are still pretty ok-ish, I guess. As an alternative, this is what a Ryzen-Build would cost: (I‘ve read the warnings on the page)
  14. Hello everybody, I'm using UnRaid for three weeks now, so my trial period is about to end, and I'd like to consolidate my home IT infrastructure. Yes, I consider myself a newbie in terms of KVM, UnRaid and everything around. I mean, I know how to do things in Linux, I can edit fstab and mount drives, but I failed recompiling the kernel some years ago. That's basically me. Hi - I'm Daniel. So, here is what I'm starting with: My Gaming Rig (2015 Build, with upgrades) OS: Windows 10 Pro Case: Anidees AI6V2 Mainboard: ASUS Z 97-K CPU