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  1. Got it, thanks for the help! Still learning unRAID after a recent switch from freeNAS. ☺️
  2. They can't be exact matches, at least in size?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to expand an existing array I have on unraid 6.5.3 and am receiving the "Disk in parity slot is not biggest." error. I've attached my diagnostics zip to this post. My array is as follows: Parity Disk 1: 2TB WD Drive Parity Disk 2: 1TB WD Drive Data Disk 1: 1TB Samsung Drive I'm trying to replace Data Disk 1 with a 2TB Seagate drive and add the 1TB Samsung drive as Data Disk 2. I've checked the disk sizes and the 2TB and 1TB drives each match their pair, and all four drives have HPA disabled. I've tried all different combinations to solve the size issue but can't seem to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!