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  1. I'm still new to pass-through and virtualization, so bare with me. I'm sure how to understand my IOMMU groupings on this mobo (Supermicro x9dri-ln4f+). The board has 4 USB ports at the back and i ultimately want to be able to split them up into 4 separate controlled ports and then pass them through to 4 induvidual vms and with hotplug capability. I've tried getting a PCIe card (StarTech PEXUSB3S44V) but have since learned that might not be an option since it's not compatible with unraid. Currently attached is a USB-hub from Icy-Box (IB-HUB1403) that holds the mouse, keyboard and
  2. That's a nice case! Good airflow and easy to build in. I didn't know the Noctuas fit in the case, but that's also a great choice! Back to the mobo question. I'm looking at the Supermicro boards because i like the combination of features and the many configurations. I know how that some boards have unfavorable IOMMU groupings, with regards to virtualization and gaming I/O, so you have to tke that into about. If you can decide for specific features you need, then maybe we can get closer to a specific board you should be looking for. What about budget?
  3. Glad the link might help. I stumbled upon the site a week ago and now I'm trawling through it. As StevenD said above, maybe you could go with the single socket Supermicro board. It still allows you to grow a bit later by getting another cpu. It has a lot of features too without it having a VERY big footprint. What other components do you currently have?
  4. I'm currently also looking into a similar setup. From what i gather, the e5-2670 should be a fine match for a casual gaming VM while running a few docker containers and so on. There's a lot of supermicro boards on ebay that might tick of some boxes. Though, I don't currently know how easy they are to work with, regarding IMMOU groupings. You could go down a cpu tier and put the savings towards a dual socket mobo. Thats what I'm hoping for. I've also pondered about getting a Ryzen system, but I'd be needing pcie lanes for multiple gaming VMs. But for your current use case a