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  1. Try as I might, I'm unable to passthrough a graphics card to a Windows10 VM. I followed Spaceinvader's excellent Youtube tutorial but to no avail. When I install a graphics rom bios from TechPowerUp, I get a 'TianoCore' title appear on the screen but nothing else.I've attached a screenshot of the config. I'm very much a noobie and have run out of ideas. Can anyone help? Motherboard: MSI Z97-G43 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220 v3 RAM: 16GB DDR3
  2. I've upgraded to 6.7.0. The release notes state: "smb: when Enhanced OS X interoperability set, include "fruit:nfs_aces = no" to be compatible with Unraid security model". Not sure what it means but the Enhanced OS X interoperability is now a global setting under SMB Settings. I've enabled it and so far is behaving normally.
  3. I've run 'Docker Safe New Perms' and I still have an issue. With the Enhanced OS X interoperability option disabled, I don't appear to have an issue. With it enabled it's OK for a while but once it starts to fail it remains in a fault state despite copying a new file into the share. At one point I had to restart the array to clear the problem. My test file is a small 15kB excel spreadsheet.
  4. I've recently upgraded my iMac to Mojave and also upgraded my server to 6.6.3 and I've noticed that my excel and word files corrupt during a file save. I created a test share and noticed that when 'Enhanced OS X interoperability' is not ticked, the system is stable. With the option ticked I get error messages and the file size drops to zero bytes. Sample error messages attached. I'm using SMB as I heard it's more reliable/compatible than AFP. Any suggestions?
  5. Tried using SMB. No hidden file but it still creates an empty folder. I can manually delete the folder but it should delete automatically. I'm puzzled as to why it's intermittent.
  6. I've noticed that Microsoft Word creates a temp folder in the same share as the document I'm working on when saving the document. Normally it appears then it goes. However it frequently fails to delete. If you try to delete it you can't as it's locked but leave it for a while and you then can delete it. The folder has a hidden file such as .afpDeleted2231. A search brings up several suggestions but nothing to resolve the issue. It only appears to happen with Word. It's not consistent as it only fails to delete 20% of the time but I have hundreds of the files sitting on the server. Any suggestions gratefully received.