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  1. thx for the fast help. and i only used gyazo beacus its faster to share pics, i will not use it anymore in this forum
  2. another Pic: https://gyazo.com/7d7e66381939a70810dbaf0f081a2714
  3. hey, i have a problem with my Win 10 vm. It uses 20 of 20 gb ram after systemstart. But no Program in taskmaneger uses it. Pictures: https://gyazo.com/53825f9c62011bad66a23cb2483dc13e https://gyazo.com/05400df20c565e26b6cef2f8dae1ef85
  4. atm i dont have physical acess to the server, can i test the Ram stick one by one, or do i need to physicly unistall 3 of the 4 ram sticks?
  5. and what shoud i do when i indetify it? cange the ram dimm? because i have still warranty and it was a set with 4 dimms.
  6. Memtest says this after 24h. I allredy tryd to reinstall the ram. What shoud i do?
  7. BTW i cant update my unraid os too 6.6.6 error: wrong md5
  8. Hey, all my win 10 vms broke. Becaus there wasnt any imprtant data an them, i deledet them and tryd to install new ones, but i cant. My old VMs broke my unraid too, when the vm were activatet in the options, my web ui isnt loding Probably. I need the system Runing without any errors in 2 weeks, and then the vms have important data that i cant just delete. T.H.X for anybody who trys to help me P.S. Im new to Unraid Sorry for my bad english server-diagnostics-20181206-1356.zip
  9. Thx for the help I got a new drive, now it works.
  10. Hey, i need help. I cant login to the interface, i alredy tryd to change the Interface to 0bond and too all, but it still dosnt work: My logs:
  11. I dont use fastmail, but i want to do the same thing, becaus gmx mail only have a limited capacity too use for mails, atm our workers are del old mails.
  12. I tryd to switch the cabels, and the ssd still wasnt working, I will claim a new Drive. Thx for thx help.
  13. Thx, i will try. But i dont understand why it dosnt work the drive is new, and it workd, untill i reinstalld unraid