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  1. So I made a Ubuntu VM now and from there I was able to open the webui. I guess this could just be the workaround I use but it would be nice to know why i cannot access the webui from another PC on my local network. Strange.
  2. So I have what I think is a strange issue. But I am no expert so its probably something stupid. I have both Binhex-DelugeVPN and Binhex-SABNZBDVPN. They are both setup with PIA and i have only the CA_Toronto ovpn file in the config folder. Logs show that both are connecting to PIA just fine. The issue is I cannot access the UI as long as I have the VPN enabled. But the strange part is I also have Sonarr and Radarr running on the same server and they seem to have no issues sending downloads to and pulling downloads from either Deluge or Sabnzbd while the VPN is enabled. My understanding is they also use the WebUI to do these actions so I guess I am not understanding how they are accessing everything fine but I cannot from my PC. If anyone can point me in the right direction to look I would appreciate it.
  3. The only ports I open to my server is the ones for sonarr radarr and plex so i can get to their UIs when im not home. What I meant by that sentence is that before the issues I could be away on my phone and connect to these ports but now it only works if I'm connected to the same local network as the server. in other words remote connections to these ports used to work and now they do not.
  4. I'm 100% sure as my router has the IP address reserved for my servers mac address. and the server is set to static just to be sure. I know everything is set correctly on my routers as everything was working perfectly beforehand. My router setup is this: ATT Fiber Modem: dmz all traffic to routers IP EERO router: IP reserved for servers mac and all ports for docker containers forwarded to servers IP. Unraid Server: ip set static to same IP as router settings. Again this is how it was all setup before it stopped working. Nothing was changed except stopping the array to install the key then restarting the server. No clue what I should be checking so try fixing this. BTW thanks for the replies.
  5. So I finished setting up unraid recently with all of my docker containers such as plex, sonarr, etc... and everything was working perfect. I had all of my ports forwarded and had no trouble connecting remotely to any of the containers or the unraid GUI. My trial was running out so since everything was working perfect i bought my license and installed the key and rebooted the server. Now no matter what I do I cannot connect unless I am on the local network. I have not changed any settings apart from stopping the array to install the key and rebooting. Does anyone have an idea where I should start to look to resolve this? Thanks to anyone in advance for your help. Edit: I also just noticed that in Plex under remote connection, where it used to show my private and public ip is now just says "Private Unknown IP Public Unknown IP Internet X"