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  1. I am aware of the SI videos and im pretty sure up to the point im stuck at is mostly the same info. I guess I havent tried to purchase my own domain to try that option yet. However I have a feeling that is not going to make a difference. Ive completely reset my router settings and am now considering doing a fresh reset of unraid. My network is pretty straight forward, I dont really utilize any intensive network settings outside of statically setting my unraid server ip. I also updated to the latest version of unraid. I tried restarting from the beginning and reinstalling all the dockers.
  2. My goal is to setup a Nextcloud for my unraid server. I decided to go with this guide as it seemed relatively current (not that an old one wouldnt be). I'm getting stuck at the portion that requires me to check the logs on the letsencrypt portion. My logs are showing that im getting the cert/validation error the guide warns about. I'm assuming my problem is something with the port forwarding however my networking knowledge is pretty limited. My router firmware is up to date and my unraid firmware is currently 6.8.2. I apologize for my ignorance, but im not really sure where else to start for troubleshooting.
  3. So I pulled the drive, added a 4tb to maintain parity in the meantime. That drive is using the same connections/cables as the 10TB was and it has had no problems. Rebuilt parity fine and no errors all week. I connected the 10TB in question to my PC and ran it through some burn in tests and what not and its passed everything. SMART says its good, WD diagnostics tool says its good. I'm thinking about buying some new cables anyway, but do you think theres any harm in re-adding the 10TB in question to server?
  4. How about either of these? One is older a bit older but it had errors before the swap. tower-diagnostics-20190705-1654.zip tower-diagnostics-20191001-2036.zip
  5. Long story short I bought a white label 10TB last BF and set it up as my parity drive. Fast forward roughly 6 months and every month or two I start getting errors on the parity drive. Essentially lazy me, rather than address it I just kept re-adding the drive and rebuilding parity (I was trying to hold out till BF when I could get another drive assuming mine was dying) and it would be good for another month or so. Well recently the drive in question immediately goes back into an error state after re-build. I have since removed the drive and replaced it with a smaller temp drive (currently rebuilding parity with it). Can anyone tell me what kind of errors I am/was getting and what could be the culprit? TIA tower-diagnostics-20191005-1321.zip