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  1. Thanks for the info. Parity rebuild times are not a problem. This is a backup server and not front-line production, so if it is slow for a week during parity rebuilds, I'm fine with that.
  2. Thanks for this information. These are exactly the same drives I had my eyes on. I've been monitoring pricing and my original thought was to buy more 12TB drives, but surprisingly I found the 16TB drives were about $50 cheaper than the 12TB. I guess it depends on what stock people have, etc. but clearly the economics right now seem to favor going all in with 16TB drives. If I can use my existing hardware for 16TB drives (and I'm happy to punt - buy one and try it), I'll replace parity out first and rebuild. If that is successful, then I can start to migrate out the existing dri
  3. Hi guys, long time UnRaid user here (must be over a decade by now). I have two Unraid servers - one active NAS and a backup server. My backup server has about 52TB in it, and it is mainly using 12TB + 8TB drives. I'm down to about 15% capacity left, so I want to begin the process to move this to larger disk storage, starting with Parity drive. Although my Mobo is seeing the 12TB drives, I'm not sure if it will see the 16TB drives now available. On the chance that it can't (and if you have any experience with Mobo compatibility with these 16TB beasts please chime in), do you guys have any