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  1. how do i request modules to be added? i want to request PHP XML-RPC module, Pear and PHP BCMath Extension if possible. Thanks
  2. hey guys!, i hope im in the right place as i am a noob to unraid and dockers which are awesome so far in my experience, i am trying to use this docker to install the web panel open game panel and i am missing php dependencies. here is what it is saying its missing, any ideas on how to make it work? is it an unraid issue or can it be added to this docker? any help is appreciated. Checking required file permissions: includes/ modules/TS3Admin/templates_cOK Checking PHP version: PHP Version >= Checking required modules: PHP XML-RPC moduleNot found PHP Curl moduleFound PHP XML ReaderFound PHP JSON ExtensionFound PHP Zip ExtensionFound PHP mbstring ExtensionFound Pear XXTEA Found Pear Not found file_get_contents() Found allow_url_fopen=on Found Checking optional modules: PHP BCMath ExtensionNot found. Thanks
  3. Thanks, i got it figured out, im a noob is all lol i have been using the lets encrypt docker for about 2 weeks and it is the ticket. awesome stuff
  4. Hello everyone, I was wandering if there was a tutorial on how to install and run a wordpress site using the lextsencrypt container? i am already using it as reverse proxy on sub-domains now but want to host the main domain i own. i am new to the unraid community but am really enjoying the software, great job!!! any help would be appreciated. Thanks