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    Old user new machine - Heeeeelp

    I managed to type it in and got it loaded.
  2. jwcolby54

    Old user new machine - Heeeeelp

    Uhhh never mind. I flashed my old thumb drive and am now in the Gui. It is not clear how to get my old key into the system but ... I got an email from Tom with a link to a key but it is about a bajillion random characters which has to be entered into the UI so I have to somehow get that done. At least I am seeing the gui now.
  3. Hi guys. I bought Unraid back around 2010 (?). Not sure when but long ago. I got it up and running and the server sat in the corner and just ran. I used it for media streaming to my tv mostly but also backup. Fast forward to today. I have built a new server, a Ryzen 2600 (6 core) with 32 gigs ram. I have three 3gb disks that I want to start with. So... I plug in my oooold thumb drive. It boots (set in UEFI bios) and stup flashes by until it stops and says: Tower Login: I have a usb mouse and usb keyboard which has been working with this machine with a windows install, and later a Linux Mint install. But it appears that the keyboard is not being seen? IOW I cannot type anything in. My understanding is that the user should be root, no pw. Although this was a functioning raid server so maybe I changed it? Not sure, long ago. So what do I do? It boots off the thumb drive but I cannot enter anything in to the keyboard. I'm stopped at this point. I have the thumb drive in the first (or second?) usb connector in the back of the motherboard. The keyboard and mouse are under that (physically) So I need help. Thanks, JWColby