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    Hello i am trying to setup openvpn on unraid 6.6.5 to access the webui i have to disable bonding in network settings otherwise i get refused to connect however this is fine but when i try to access from my external ip address it also says refuse to connect i have forwarded the port and even used my plex port as i knew this one was working properly (of course i stopped plex) but as soon as i put the port for openvpn it refuses to connect any ideas?
  2. Fixed it, was a windows error and running this command in CMD fixed it Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
  3. Hello so i am new to unraid and i have setup a user share i have mapped the drive in windows however when i go to copy a file over to the share i get a winows alert saying you nee administrator permission to do this i press continue then i get an error saying (Z:\ is unavilable) Z being my mapped drive i do have read/write permissions as i can make a text file and folders etc i have tried setting it public/private and secure all have the same outcome and have ran the new permissions tool