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  1. UNRAID does not seem to accept these two IPs. When I put these two IP in the DNS field under Network Settings, UNRAID says these are not proper IPv4 IPs.
  2. Any one got any tip on which part of log should I be looking at? Thanks.
  3. I have not been able to install apps (dockers specifically). Plugins install fine, but not dockers. The installation stops with "Please wait...." and nothing follows after (as shown in the attached image). Please assist and thank you
  4. Hi guys, I have replaced the USB thumb drive successfully. It seemed like there was something wrong with the original stick physically. Thank you all for the help
  5. After plugging the thumb drive in a USB 2.0 slot, I ran checkdisk on the UNRAID USB thumb drive in Windows 10. Windows ran repair on the drive. Afterward, I tested the UNRAID boot on the same Windows machine (with drive plugged into the USB 2.0 slot) and I was able to successfully boot into UNRAID and on Dashboard was able to load up. However, once the UNRAID thumb drive was unplugged from the Windows machine and plugged into the UNRAID server (with only USB 3.0 slots, the board is Asus P10S WS), I ran into the same problem again. I plugged the UNRAID drive into the same Windows machine (USB 2.0) and Windows was able to read the drive fine. However, when I put it in the USB 3.0 slot, Windows was unable to access it. So, it seemed like the UNRAID drive is only able to work on USB 2.0 at this time. It would not work on USB 3.0. But the UNRAID server I have only have USB 3.0 and I have never had any problem with the UNRAID drive plugged into the USB 3.0 since I set it up (it's been at least 18 months without any issue of this sort). What are my options going forward? Thank you all in advance, Jack
  6. Hello all, UNRAID ver. 6.7 I hope somebody could land a me hand. I'll describe the issue in point forms as followed. As of yesterday, I was able to login into UNRAID as "root" through web interface through IP4. However, after logging in, system notified something about system notification was not set up. It seemed weird since I have had this system running without restart/shutup of any sort for about 45 days. I went into the system setting to take a look at the notification was set to "disable/off". I tried to changed it to "enable/on", but to no avail. It was stuck on "disable/off". I then went to "Dashboard" and that's when everything went down hill. Everything on Dashboard was out of place, like when browser had trouble loading webpages. I then proceed to "Main" to restart the machine. This was when I ran into the problem of UNRAID localhost unable to connect. I am able to boot into UNRAID, but the default Firefox browser gives me the error message saying local unable to connect. I have unplugged the USB thumb drive and plugged it in another PC to boot, and still had the same issue. So, there is the gist of what happened. Am I looking at a failed USB thumb drive? Thank you in advance, Jack