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  1. Are you serious right now? What did I sell in this specific thread? Oh no, you cought me asking a question, God please forbid this!
  2. Google'd tech forums. Unexpected right?
  3. Interesting, will look at this possibility. Thanks for the insight.
  4. How else am I supposed to post something besides creating an account? I hope your next year's resolution is to become more open-minded and understand that different people have completely different knowledge and opinion which results in distinctive discussions. Happy new year.
  5. Have nothing to link. Just interested in other IT literate people opinion. Doesn't seem that friendly by the older answers.
  6. Are new members of these forums always treated as spammers? There was a hot discussion regarding VPNs at my Christmas dinner and that's why I asked a genuine question. I'm interested in other people opinions because I want to use the best price/quality ratio, provider.
  7. I have tried several VPN providers like Express, Ipvanish and as of lately, Surfshark. Would rank surfshark the highest because it has the best quality for a very low price, really impressed with the provider. What do you use?