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  1. Before you buy the motherboard, make sure its compatible with the Dell PERC H200 card, my motherboards doesn't recognize the LSI 9201-8i Card.
  2. I need an advice on a consumer motherboard (support Intel 9th generation) that support LSI 9201-8i card flashed in IT Mode. I bought the card from eBay flashed in IT mode from a reputable seller who assured me that the card was tested and working perfectly. Currently my Gigabyte Z68AP and AsRock Z270i doesn't see the card, the pc boots normally without detecting the card, even the card bios screen doesn't show, tried updating the motherboard BIOS, all PCIe slots with no luck. Any suggestion on a good motherboard that support this card will be very helpful.
  3. It seams that there is an issue with LSI/IBM SAS Controller not detected in many consumer grade motherboard, therefore it would be very useful to the community to build a list of compatible motherboard that could be used as reference to the remaining of the community. So please share with us the following information, if you have a working LSI/IBM SAS controller installed in a consumer grade motherboard: Motherboard Maker: Motherboard Model: Motherboard BIOS Version: SAS Controller type: SAS Controller flashed as: Best of Luck to all
  4. what's your motherboard, there is a compatibility issue for those cards with consumer grade motherboard, I have LSI 9201-8i (Flashed into IT mode) which is not detected in my both machines (Asrock Z270i Motherboard & Gigabyte Z68AP) So be careful.
  5. Thanks for both of you, in that case I wont need to use SSD's since I am okay with the normal write speed of upto 50MB/s. Is there any reason to use the cache drive for my use case? I have an I7 2600K, is it worth swapping it with the i5 2400? will it increase response? I will be using the server only for storage of media files. I will buy Nvidia Shield 16GB as media player.
  6. I am new to Unraid, I want to know if Unraid is good for my use case. What I am trying to achieve is a PC running Unraid storing all my media library and playing the media in windows 10 VM using KODI. My current setup: CPU: I5 2400 MB: Z68-AP Gigabyte Motherboard RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz (2*4GB) PSU: EVGA 500Watt Power Supply GPU: RX 560 4GB SATA: M1015 IT mode flashed SATA Controller for 8 SATA drives Storage: 1x120GB SSD Will be used for Windows 10 VM 1x500GB SSD will be used as cache drive 5*8TB WD White to store the media files 1*10GB WD White to be used for parity Home theater Setup: 9.2 Speaker set with Subwoofers. Denon Receiver Samsung 82" 4K HDR My Media Library: Mix between 4k HDR 10Bit, 4K 8Bit, Full HD ... etc. Is the above configuration enough to run Unraid + Windows 10 VM for media playback? Currently I am playing my 4K 10Bit HDR media using KODI without any issues supporting all audio format even 9.2 ATMOS, will VM Windows 10 on my setup be able to run the same? Best Regards