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  1. Hello everyone. My system configuration is as follows: AMD TR 1950X MSI X399 Carbon Sapphire AMD VEGA Rx 64 8GB 32G HyperX DDR4 1 WD Green 120G M.2 SSD (sole drive used for unRAID) in addition I am using 2 NVMe Samsung 970 Pro and 3 4TB Seagate HDD with the motherboard RAID controller for my original Non-VM Windows Setup. I basically am trying out unRAID to run macOS Mojave on my system as Hackintoshing it was proving to be troublesome and using VirtualBox wouldn't let me passthrough my GPU. I followed SpaceInvader's guide on YouTube to install macOS Mojave successfully via VNC. I am having trouble passing through my GPU where the VM either loads until the Apple logo and half the progress bar before going blank or just loads normally and then glitches out. I have dumped and loaded the Bios of my GPU and tried numerous kext/driver fixes available on the Interwebs. My understanding is that my GPU shouldn't give me such a hard time considering macOS natively supports it. I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me with this as I intend to use unRAID for all my VMs and also move my barebones Windows system to it eventually.