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  1. I`m currently planning to upgrade my unraid Sever cause my Hardware is realy old - and since i`m playing around with unraid i see a lot of potential. I want to put also my RTX 2080 into my unraid-server to pass it through to my VM (mostly Win10) - so would be really nice if someone can help me finding the right motherboard for the CPU (actual running with 3x8TB Array, 1x8TB Parity, 1x1TB SSD Cache, a few Docker like emby and 1 TestVM Win10) There are so many Boards out there - i really don`t know which one will make the job without trouble...can you pls help ?
  2. So the Topic says it all... I`m wondering whats the best way to move some Date from my Download Share (uses Cache Disk) to a Data Share (also using Cache Disk). The Shares are both on the same machine in one Array (1 Parrity, 3 Data Disks, 1 Cache Disk) Both Shares are on the Data Disks (not on the Cache Disk) I´m mainly usin Win10 and my Shares via SMB to my Desktop. Can i easyily transfer from one Share to another ? i think this will write the Data to my Cache Drive and then mover will do the rest....i don`t think this is the best way ?? Is there a simple way ? maybe to disable using cache Drive for the moment => copy files => enable cache ?
  3. Hey, i `m just trying to configure unRAID (comming from OMV 4.0) I have to run a command on startup sudo smartctl -l scterc,70,70 /dev/sde This enables the TLER feature on my Harddrive (it is disabled by default and has to be enabled on every startup) Is there a easy way to make this work ?