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  1. I'm thinking about taking out a Dropbox subscription to use Plex Cloud Sync... My upload speed is atrocious and want to do a bit "Family Sharing"... I don't suppose you've ever looked at a DropBox plugin? Im thinking if I want to start paying; I might as well have backups of Documents / Boot Folder off of my unRAID box as well. Thinking it might be useful to a few others out there! As always, thanks for your help and input Phaze Alex
  2. Can you try this and let me know if that worked? I'm just about to shoot out for the evening; but I'll try first thing in the morning and let you know... Thanks again in advance! Thanks for the time Phaze; the plugin setting page opens; but theres a few bits missing...
  3. Can you try this and let me know if that worked? I'm just about to shoot out for the evening; but I'll try first thing in the morning and let you know... Thanks again in advance!
  4. Hi Phaze, If you have a couple spare minutes don't support you could look at this LMS plugin?! It was originally by Overbryn; and over the years I've managed to tweak it and keep it compatible with LMS changes and unRAID changes... However.com, although i'm ok with the 'bash' side of plugins; I've never been able to get my head around the http side. With the new GUI; its still functional from the CLI; just not the webpage. Don't suppose you could get the webpage back from the dead? Many Thanks Alex lms_overbyrn.plg
  5. Ah, I see! You may well be right; I only started looking again at anything to do with eBooks yesterday after getting a new reader after years! My brief look around before bed found this (old!) link with a init.d file for start stop (http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/168541/index.html); alienbob seems to have a precompiled package (http://www.slackware.com/~alien/slackbuilds/calibre/pkg64/14.1/calibre-1.48.0-x86_64-1alien.txz) and a list of dependencies (http://www.slackware.com/~alien/slackbuilds/calibre/pkg64/14.1/calibre-1.48.0-x86_64-1alien.dep). Just had a look and that's looking like version 1.4 and current version is upto 2.4 or such... I've got a build environment I use for MakeMKV so I can give compiling a x64 package from the latest code?! Reference Headphones, there's a fork which had commits in November which I tried last night; UI is new and it happily parsed good reads.com and downloaded a few books so seems fairly stable! If you think you'd use it, I'll Defo give building Calibre a go! Alex
  6. Evening PhAzE, First off; thanks a lot for all your plugins; use quite a few and they work brilliantly. Not sure if it will be a popular request; but have you considered LazyLibrarian? Its a fork of Headphones for eBooks and Magazines. I've botched together a fork of W-W's V5 plugin, basically updating for x64 bit packages from your Headphones plugin and a newer branch on github. Seems to work fine! I've attached the file, so if you do get 5 minutes it might help you do it a bit quicker! The ultimate aim is to also install Calibre to manage a content server so I can wireless access it and download whichever ebook I fancy. Thanks again! Alex lazy.librarian.64bit.plg
  7. Hi, I have the issue that no folders have an extended attribute, but the disks them selves have? root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -Rd /mnt/disk4/* root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# ^C root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk4/* root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk3/* root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk2/* root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk1/* root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk1 /mnt/disk1: user.org.netatalk.supports-eas.iJ7J1e: Exec format error /mnt/disk1: user.org.netatalk.supports-eas.y8zgWv: Exec format error root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disk2: user.org.netatalk.supports-eas.ClYHC3: Exec format error /mnt/disk2: user.org.netatalk.supports-eas.Tij7aE: Exec format error root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk3 root@Media:/mnt/user/Rips/movie# getfattr -d /mnt/disk4 I know the script essentially moves everything into a temp file, deletes the originating folder, then copies back... Also, it was stated specifically not to use wildcards with the scripts. Any one have any ideas?! These attributes are stopping my mover script from deleting the files from my cache drive!! Alex
  8. MakeMKV Version 1.8.8 Package: https://copy.com/3xOdfeyTAra3
  9. Cheers for that! That's now officially on my wish list!
  10. The general context for converting an ISO to MKV is : makemkvcon mkv file:/path/to/file.iso all /path/to/mkv/folder/ --minlength=600 --progress=-same. There is a post by mike_admin on how to edit your default profile settings in a CLI enviroment, I'm at work at the minute so cant access it. Once youve decided on the weightings you want to use, from a windows machine ( or similar for mac / linux) access //server/location/of/package. Open with 7Zip and you should be shown the makemkv install files. Find the location as detailed on the makemkv website for the default location ( from the top of my head /usr/.Makemkv/default.xxx ). Edit this file in Notepad++ or a suitable editor, save and let 7Zip add the modified file to the achive. Once this is done, everytime the package is installed it will copy the modified files to the required locations, and as such will have your individual preferences. Alex
  11. You got me concerned with your mention that it might not do well with Plex. That is one of my key components for this build. Looking at your link it does support MMX, SSE, etc though doesn't it? Any insight would be appreciated. I was thinking it should do fine for Plex based off of this performance review: http://www.servethehome.com/Server-detail/intel-atom-c2750-8-core-avoton-rangeley-benchmarks-fast-power/ more: http://www.servethehome.com/Server-detail/asrock-c2750d4i-atom-c2750-storage-platform-review/ Edit: Just went to add the newegg link and see that it is out of stock... I must have bought the last one! Here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157475 @maxrogers, Did you end up getting one mate? Very curious how it handled PLEX. I'm looking at one of these board specifically to give more transcoding 'ummph' over my current D525!! Also want to use it with FFMPEG to re-encode a lot of my uncompressed movies / tv shows!!
  12. If you place the package in /boot/extra then it is installed on every boot. After that the only files which remember user preferences are contained within the package file above ( for example app_key and title weighting). If you use either explodepkg on your unraid machine or 7-Zip on a remote machine it's easy to modify the files so they are installed everytime with your individual preferences. If your planning to run a VM anyway then no, MakeMKV will make no difference... It was only if you were planning to install a VM purely for MakeMKV as the GUI is just a wrapper for Makemkvcon the CLI application
  13. Google's second result: http://www.makemkv.com/developers/usage.txt I'll be honest mate if your only going to run a VM for Makemkv you'll be using a hell of a lot of resources etc. when everything you need to achieve can be easily achieved through CLI usage and Makemkvcon. There's also plenty batch conversion scripts available on the internet for exactly what your doing: ISO --> MKV
  14. You just need to download the package and install using the "installpkg" command... The CLI usage is available on the MakeMKV website, as is info where to enter the registration code. Note I haven't included a registration code in the package... If you want to add it in the package you download do some research into "explodepkg". If you restart your sever the 30 day trial for blurays will reset. Alex