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  1. @swixter The fix that's been working for most on here has been to downgrade the MB bios. Downgrading unRAID has no effect.
  2. Since 6.7 has been released, you guys should post when you update unRAID and which MSI bios' don't break VM's. Anyone brave to try the latest again?
  3. I have also flashed back to a previous version of the MSI BIOS using the tool posted and everything is now working as before. Big thanks to the creator of the tool, life saver.
  4. @mattz Glad it worked out. Did you wipe the CMOS after the downgrade?
  5. @mattz, No problem for the tool. Fix with second GPU: I also found this to be the case with a Gt710 and I never actually got it working with unRAID ( didn't need it once I got the VM working) I have since booted into windows 10 from the MSI boot menu as I had W10 installed on a passed through NVME (was accessible by bare metal and VM).All was well within my W10 NVME and it ran fine. Launching through unRAID VM interface caused my unRaid to go haywire again( unmount cache drive, showing 4 trillion writes to cache) and the VM hung, not allowing unRAID to be restarted. I think my initial problems with the docker page was due to some docker files being moved from cache (speculation). I ran mover and docker is now responsive again. I'm pretty tempted to update to rc6 for a fix but may try the downgrade first...let me know how this turns out as I cannot run unRAID and W10 concurrently ATM.
  6. First time posting so be gentle. A little bit of background: I have been running unRAID 6.7.0 rc4 for a few weeks and have had numerous dockers, a W10 gaming VM and array running smoothly (I'm really enjoying UnRaid for all of this functionality). I recently updated my MB BIOS from 7B85v12 to 7B85v16 and it seems like everything has fallen apart. My troubles sound very similar to this thread hereby @mattz. Observed behaviour after BIOS update: CPU pairings had all changed (instead of 0-1,2-3. I now have 0-6, 1-7) Layout of unRAID tabs changed from vertical to horizontal. W10 VM will not start. (Existing and newly made) unRAID becomes very unstable after attempting to start W10 VM and will hang on reboot. Dockers will run but the docker page is very unresponsive. New error in VM log: ‘vfio: Unable to power on device, stuck in D3” VM: I have a 970 m.2 stubbed that I installed Windows 10 on (as a normal W10 VM through unRAID with libvirt location set to none, and 970 selected as other PCI device). Prior to the BIOS update I was able to start the VM through the unRAID interface as well as through the MSI boot options( bare metal). It was a bit of an adventure getting it going but it ended up working with ovmf, Q35 3.1 and legacy USB startup in the BIOS ( turn off Windows 10 compatibility mode). Also had to change the VM XML so the 970 was first to boot (<boot_order=’1’/>). I always got the 'cannot reset devices , depends on group 33’ error for the stubbed rx580 audio but the VM would always start and I simple had to stop/start the audio device from hardware manager inside the VM and I would get sound. I have PCIe ACS Override=both as well as allow_unsafe_interrupts=true ( both previously worked fine) Steps taken to fix problem: I have created a new VM with the same options after the BIOS update in hopes it would properly assign the CPU's but got both the ‘D3’ and ‘cannot reset device’ errors. And the VM will not start. As of now, the original poster of the issue has not found a resolution and I am stuck wondering if I should (force) a downgrade of the MSI bios or wait for one that works( or stable unRAID that fixes the problem?) Ps:. Found a tool HERE to downgrade MSI bios’ that people have been having luck with, as you cannot simply downgrade in M-flash anymore. I can post what whatever logs you guys need, let me know . Thx. Hardware: unRAID system:unRAID server Basic, version 6.7.0-rc4 Motherboard: MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC (MS-7B85) BIOS: 7B85v16 (19/03/06) Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core @ 3.4 GHz HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled GPU - Sapphire rx580 Edit: as I stated in the other thread by mattz I have flashed my MSI BIOS back to v12. This has rectified the issues I had with the VM and unRAID as it did for mattz. I wouldn't call this 'solved' as the issue with the BIOS still occurs but this is a way to revert back to a BIOS works.
  7. Hey mattz, Just wanted to chime in that I'm having the same issues with my MSI b450 gaming carbon Ac after updating my bios to the same version you did( 7B85v16). Same two errors on W10 VM Start, same CPU pairings changing after update. Running 6.7.0 rc4. GPU stubbed and unable to pass through to VM. Cheers Running: ryzen 2600 Sapphire Rx 580 MSI B450 gaming carbon Ac. Note: I did find a tool that is supposed to be able to downgrade the MSI BIOS here.