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  1. Thanks for the link. I have disabled global c state and changed the "Power Supply Idle Control" to "typical current idle". I have also applied the 'fix' that Spaceinvaderone suggested in his video (rcu_nocbs=0-16). It now crashes 'only' after around 17 hours of uptime, and I then have to hold the power button to do an unclean shutdown. Recently I have noticed that the rcu_nocbs=0-16 was supposed to be rcu_nocbs=0-15 so I changed it and now I am waiting to see if it would crash again or not.
  2. Hello. I am running Unraid 6.6.6. with an AMD Ryzen CPU. Just recently (after uninstalling the preclear disk plugin) in my log I have received what I have written in the quote. Then, I have shut down my server and deleted all of the references of the plugin in the USB stick before plugging it again but the error seems to still be there, so I was wondering of someone could help me understand why it shows me that, what it means and how could I fix it? Thank you. Edit: I had another tab of the Unraid webui open when rebooting, closing it and rebooting again have solved it.l tower-diagnostics-20190210-0808.zip
  3. All of the overclocking settings in the bios are on default, and the bios is up to date too.
  4. Hi. I have recently changed my motherboard (Asrock b450m pro4) and CPU (AMD Ryzen 2700X) and the web UI become inaccessible roughly every 1 to 2 hours and I then have to do a hard shutdown by pressing the case button. I have run Memtest for around 3 cycles and it gave me 0 errors. I already had the same problems with the same model of motherboard that I had sent back to buy a new one, but on the old one the same type of crash happened after roughly one day, two if lucky. Before starting unraid with the new hardware, I just reinstalled Unraid on another USB key and just transferred my shares and applications. In the meantime, I was using another motherboard running an Intel i7 and on Unraid 6.6.6. but the docker where frequently corrupted obligating me to soft restart the server but didn't happen with the Ryzen CPU. Here's the docker that are usually running with the Ryzen: Krusader, RDP-Calibre, Plex. I'm wondering if any of you could help me pinpoint the problems with my installation to hopefully be able to fix the problems. FCPsyslog_tail.txt tower-diagnostics-20190203-0254.zip